Hard Way – Katie Porter – 5 stars

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The Blurb:

“No holds barred. No mercy. No going back ”

Warning: Time to put the kidding aside. Although 100% consensual between a husband and wife, this book contains violent sex that, in some scenes, will appear forced. Readers sensitive to rape scenarios should proceed with caution…

Throughout their eight-year marriage, U.S. Air Force Captain Liam Dash Christiansen and his wife, Sunita, stayed strong through long separations. However Sunny’s new job as a high-profile legal advisor puts a severe strain on their enduring bond.

Her abrupt announcement that she wants a divorce is like a missile to Dash’s gut but her confession that she’s met another man is what unleashes his shocking passion. Sunny is surprised and nearly repulsed by her body’s reaction to Dash’s animalistic attempt at complete possession. That doesn’t stop her from craving more.

With Sunny’s whispered approval, their sex life explodes. Not only does Dash’s aggression tap into dark fantasies, she’s hopeful that now, “at last,” she’ll get what she s always wanted from her devil-may-care, don t-give-a-damn husband. Something honest and candid. Something real.

Yet fiery, carnal encounters won’t heal two long-broken hearts. Their bodies are finally speaking the same forbidden language, but it will take more than taboo desires to learn each other for the first time and to save a marriage that s only just begun.

My Thoughts:

If you think me highlighting, bolding, underlining and making the warning up above in red font is overkill trust me…  it is NOT.  Please read the warning before you consider picking up this book.  It really is accurate and I don’t want this wonderful read to suffer because people won’t take the warning seriously.  While the sex in this is consensual it is brutal in nature but suits the characters very well.  I found it uncomfortable at times but loved watching two people come to terms with both their sexual needs and their emotional ones.  It is also a brutally honest look at how it takes work to make a marriage sustainable and neither party can be entirely blameless when things fall apart.

Sunita has just come home from her job in Washington DC as part of the staff for a congressman.  The first thing she says to her husband when they get home is that she wants a divorce and admits that she is interested in another man.  This unleashes a side of him that neither of them expected but also shocks them both that this animalistic primal side makes both of them feel more alive than they have in years.  We get to see how she feels during each encounter as they become more brutal in nature but also we get to see what it is she loves about these moments.  She loves the fact that her husband is completely honest in these moments and isn’t keeping himself behind a mask.  As they work through their issues she also begins to see that the issue isn’t entirely his fault.  She’s been so scared of losing him that she’s been building a wall between them to the point where both of them have been dishonest with themselves and each other.

Liam (I can’t call him Dash after finishing the book) is blindsided when she drops the bombshell that she wants to throw their marriage away.  He’s still not 100% honest with himself as to why this is happening until close to the end of the book.  What we do get to see is a man who is desperately in love with his wife but is so unsure of what she needs and wants he just shuts down.  He’s pushed his way in to getting a month to have her any way, any time he wants to but that only speaks for them sexually.  What he doesn’t have from her is an indication of if they can save their marriage.  We get to see him work through a lot of internal issues in his career as a fighter pilot, his wants outside of the cockpit and the walls he has built around his true self which has brought this to a head.  He’s such a great man under all these issues that you do want him to succeed even if it means losing her.

I mean I wanted them together but I think I would have accepted the end of the relationship if that meant both of them were truly healed and happy but then I would wish the same for two friends who were in a hell like these two were.  Yeah I know I’m odd but I can’t really say why I loved the fact that once again Katie Porter pushed the envelope with this pair but man oh man they did.  I swear I was so invested in this raw picture of a marriage in crisis that even though the sex scenes are not all lovey-dovey you still felt every ounce of love these two have for one another and the ending is so worth the read.  I can’t say it enough but read this provided you can handle the brutal sexual games these two discover they love because the fact that they really do love one another shines through even as they hurt each other physically and emotionally.

I would class this as an unflinching look at a marriage in crisis with some very hot sex added to it even with the sex being so raw.  It felt honest and worked for the characters they wove with their words.  I cannot thank them enough for giving me the chance to read this in hopes I would review it.  They always come through with incredible characters and never put expectations on what my thoughts or reactions will be to their words other than hoping that I, like other readers, will adore it.

Which by the way ladies I did..  I really did…  *MUAH*


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