Faking It – Diane Alberts – 3.5 stars

March 23, 2013 Entangled Publishing, NetGalley, Read in 2013 0

Faking It


The Blurb:

Derek Rory never meant to propose to his best friend’s little sister. But when her boss tells a family-oriented investor he’s Stephanie’s fiancé, Derek can either play along or let her get fired. He’s hardly one to turn away from a damsel in distress. If only that damsel wasn’t adorable and sexy with a laugh that could melt any cold business mogul’s heart.

When a business proposal becomes a marriage proposal, Stephanie Miller tries to keep it strictly boardroom. But when things get hot under the table, it’s all they can do to stay apart. As the tangle of lies drags them deeper into the underhanded world of business politics, Stephanie finds herself in over her head—not just with her job, but with her “fiancé.” His eyes are cold, but his kisses light her on fire. If she’s not careful, she’ll end up faking her way into a real romance.

My Thoughts:

This was a cute story of a woman who can’t seem to get people to take her seriously no matter how hard she tries and a man who is so tightly wound I’m amazed he could move at all.

Stephanie just wants to succeed at something and do good for the world.  She’s very driven but a bit of a wallflower who gets taken advantage of over and over again.  When she gets a chance to land a sponsor for a project that means everything to her she is forced to bury some of her principles and ask her brother’s best friend to play along.  What she finds out is not everyone falls in to neat little categories and having someone willing to help you even when you don’t want it isn’t always a bad thing.  Help can be had with no real loss of self but it takes a lot for her to learn that she doesn’t have to go it all alone.  I understood why she put up such a struggle to keep her own identity and make her own way but I also got a little pissed when she jumped to the wrong conclusions consistently when it came to Derek but that underneath everything she did manage to learn that not everyone is out to keep her down.

Derek is wound so tightly with keeping up the facade of being a stick in the mud uptight business man.  He has his reasons for being so driven to the point of losing a part of his heritage but at his core he is an incredibly giving, feeling man.  When Stephanie is blindsided in to pretending that they are engaged he is willing to play the part to help her knowing that this will keep her employed.  He also starts to spend more time around her and discover that he isn’t his father’s copy but is capable of having the successful business and a real life with warmth, love and laughter.  I adored him once we got to know him and appreciated that he was honest with himself and in his dealings with Stephanie even if it meant being miserable.


I do hope we get to see stories about her brothers as they are probably going to have some doozies.  I have to say thank you to both NetGalley.com and Entangled Publishing for giving me the chance to read this in exchange for my honest review.  It was a very sweet story of finding yourself when you weren’t even really looking.



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