League of Illusion: Prophecy – Vivi Anna – 4 stars

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The Blurb:

Book two in the League of Illusion

London, 1851

With his brother Sebastian missing, illusionist Rhys Davenport is running out of time and leads. He knows only that Sebastian disappeared into Stonehenge and that an incomplete map is the key to finding him. And that the missing piece is in the possession of the unnervingly attractive psychic Corina Stratton.

Corina has no intention of giving her part of the map to the haughty Rhys Davenport. In fact, she needs to steal his half so she can heal her mother’s malevolent spirit. She heads to London, only to be chased by a revengeful sorcerer right into Rhys’s arms. Although touched by Rhys’s plight, she agrees to go on his crazy quest only to get an opportunity to take what she came for.

With an airship full of fanatic elves after them, Rhys and Corina are forced into close quarters as they search for a portal. But to open it in time to find Sebastian, they must reconcile their differences and their growing feelings, or he’ll be lost to them forever…

38,000 words

My Thoughts:

Rhys is trying very hard to remain the serious brother who takes care of rescuing his missing sibling.  When we meet him he’s in the process of stealing a map that should be able to help him find a map that can lead him to his brother.  Unfortunately the theft takes a bit of a wrong turn and he is attempting to get away and not get caught.  Once he does so he also discovers that the map is really only half of one and now he has to figure out where/who has the other part.  He’s a very serious man that comes across a bit abrupt and is truly misunderstood.  It isn’t that he doesn’t have feelings…  It’s that he has too many feelings.  This is a man with a wonderful heart that we get to see open up and let someone in that truly deserves it.

Corina has already run in to this insufferable man and would quite happily not have to see him again but her ghost of a mother advises her that she has to take this portion of a map to him.  She hopes this map will help her assist her mother in moving on to the afterlife rather than continue to be stuck in this world.  Mind you, the longer her mom’s spirit is stuck in this world the darker it becomes.  She goes along with the plan so she can steal his half in order to complete her task.  What she finds is something she didn’t expect even though she was attracted to him the first time she met him and even did a drawing of him years ago before she had even met him.  She’s very strong but vulnerable to kind treatment and honestly doesn’t seem to understand what she is truly worth in some respects.  I liked her and enjoyed the sparks they threw off every time they were together.

Add to all this…  a bad guy… elves who want to keep them from completing their mission to find Sebastian and a wonderful older woman who has a lot of secrets for a great quick read.  I enjoyed seeing the pair from the first book and will happily continue with this series.


Thanks to NetGalley.com and Carina Press for the chance to read this in exchange for my honest review.  Please note that this and other fun titles from Carina Press are available by using the link in my sidebar.

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