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15761442I am a lucky lucky blogger today to have Ruthie Knox making an appearance.  I don’t know about you but I fell in love with her when I read About Last Night with her yummy hero City and have not looked back.  With that being said here she is:


Hello, fellow Bookaholics!


I’m here today to talk about Along Came Trouble, my latest novel (and longest so far). Out next week from Loveswept (Random House), it’s the second story in my Camelot series.


Along Came Trouble is about what happens when a woman meets the right man at the wrong time and has to decide how much of herself to give him when she doesn’t feel like she’s got any self to spare. And most of all it’s about how hard it is to find a balance between dependence, independence, and interdependence—and how love can lift our burdens and help us become better versions of ourselves, if we are brave enough to let it.


Because Steph was such a sucker for the book’s hero, Caleb, I picked an excerpt that gives you a sense of what he’s like. In this scene, he’s just met Ellen, moved into full-on “here’s how I’m going to make you safe” mode, and gotten shut down. All in the span of about two minutes. Now he’s regrouping . . .


Caleb didn’t know what had happened. A minute ago, Ellen had been high-fiving him. Now she was narrowing her eyes and bracing her bare feet in the grass as though she anticipated an assault.

“You can’t fire me.”

“Well, make up your mind,” she said. “Either you work for me, in which case you’re fired, or you work for somebody else, in which case you’re trespassing.”

Trespassing? “I had your permission to step onto the property.”

“I’m revoking it.”

He checked her expression again. Dead serious. Ellen didn’t want him here.

Tough luck for her, because she had him whether she wanted him or not. He needed this account for about five different reasons, all of them nonnegotiable. Breckenridge said Ellen Callahan had to be kept out of harm’s way, and he was the man for the job.

The trick, apparently, was going to be getting Ellen to accept that. She might dress like a bohemian, but the woman had a drill sergeant’s mouth. Fifteen years in the military police had taught him to tread softly around a mouth like that.

He glanced at his watch, then over at Carly’s place. He’d told her he’d be by at eight to talk about security, but this was more important. He could spare a few more minutes.

So what’s going to work on you, Ellen?

Not brute force, obviously. You couldn’t club a woman over the head and force her to accept your protection. If that were an option, he’d have done it to his mom and both his sisters months ago. Feisty lot, the Clarks. Probably explained why he liked women with a bit of steel in their spines.

Because he already liked Ellen Callahan. He’d seen her around town with a towheaded toddler who had to be her son, and she’d certainly caught his eye. Under different circumstances, he might have started angling for her phone number the second he’d witnessed her trying to topple that photographer with her kneecaps. Unfortunately, circumstances being what they were, she was off-limits.

That didn’t mean he couldn’t turn on the charm. Caleb was a big believer in catching flies with honey.


About the Book

Along Came Trouble by Ruthie Knox

Camelot series, book 2

Releases March 11, 2013


Ruthie Knox’s Camelot series continues in this sizzling eBook original novel, featuring two headstrong souls who bump heads—and bodies—as temptation and lust bring nothing but delicious trouble.


An accomplished lawyer and driven single mother, Ellen Callahan isn’t looking for any help. She’s doing just fine on her own. So Ellen’s more than a little peeved when her brother, an international pop star, hires a security guard to protect her from a prying press that will stop at nothing to dig up dirt on him. But when the tanned and toned Caleb Clark shows up at her door, Ellen might just have to plead the fifth.


Back home after a deployment in Iraq and looking for work as a civilian, Caleb signs on as Ellen’s bodyguard. After combat in the hot desert sun, this job should be a breeze. But guarding the willful beauty is harder than he imagined—and Caleb can’t resist the temptation to mix business with pleasure. With their desires growing more undeniable by the day, Ellen and Caleb give in to an evening of steamy passion. But will they ever be able to share more than just a one-night stand?


E-book. 350 pp. ISBN 978-0-345-54161-1.



Buy the book from  Amazon (US) |   Barnes & Noble |   iTunes BookstoreAmazon (UK) |   Amazon (Canada) |   Other buy links via Random House


About Ruthie


Ruthie Knox graduated from Grinnell College as an English and history double major and went on to earn a Ph.D. in modern British history that she’s put to remarkably little use. She debuted as a romance novelist with Ride with Me—probably the only existing cross-country bicycling love story yet to be penned—and followed it up with About Last Night, which features a sizzling British banker hero with the unlikely name of Neville. Other publications include Room at the Inn (a Christmas novella) and How To Misbehave, book 1 in the Camelot series. She moonlights as a mother, Tweets incessantly, and bakes a mean focaccia.


I can’t thank her enough for appearing and I hope you love Caleb and Ellen as much as I did.  As a special treat because I love this series so much (I know it’s early but trust me it hits you) I’m going to give one lucky commentor a copy of Tony/Amber’s story, How to Misbehave, and once it releases a copy of this one in e-format for either Nook or Kindle.  

My question for you is…  What makes you swoon over a hero in a book?  Are you an Alpha adorer or does a man who has softer edges appeal to you?

Contest is open until release day, March 11, 2013 at midnight Central.  

4 Responses to “Guest Post – Ruthie Knox – Contest!!!!!”

  1. Liz

    Thank you for the opportunity. The hero that gets me is the tough macho alpha who here and there shows thoughtfulness and caring

  2. Trish

    Hi Guys! I love Alpha men who melt for their woman! I am not sure how much I would enjoy it in real life (outside of the bedroom that is) but books I can’t get enough!!

  3. Kim

    Thanks for the giveaway. I like an alpha hero who shows some vulnerability.

  4. Evelyn D

    I love Alpha males with a soft side. They make the most interesting characters in my opinion.