Fetish Box – Nicole Camden – 2 stars for Parts 1 & 2

February 10, 2013 NetGalley, Read in 2013, Uncategorized 0

1605814716058158I debated on if I should post this review or not…  As you can see I have decided to post this as a review for both parts I have read.  I can honestly say I will probably not read part 3.

I can’t say I didn’t like the author’s writing but this was not the story for me.  I mean it is truly a story that should be told as just a single novel not broken in to 3 parts.  Suspend your belief and be willing to overlook the fact that the female lead has only been in town an hour or so before she meets both male leads and even though she’s a virgin has wanton thoughts about both of them.

Mary has inherited the sex shop and part-ownership in a bad from the mother who gave her up as a baby.  She’s repressed but interested in starting a new life in Florida when she meets John who is walking a dog past her mom’s house.  John ends up being the manager/security guy for the sex shop and lives in the apartment above it.  She finds him interesting but while heading in to the house ends up meeting Max who ends up kissing her before she even knows his name.  Oh and even better….  just a bit after that he has her top up and is sucking on her breasts.  I mean dude…..  she’s a virgin and inexperienced but can do this without screaming or slapping the crap out of him??  Really??

We get even weirder later in the two where she agrees to let John teach her about sex and then sleeps with the man less than 24 hours after running in to him???  Ok …  I finished part 2 just because I couldn’t stop but will not go pick up part 3 because it just hasn’t kept me interested enough to complete.  If you can suspend belief then go for it…  honestly if this had just been a novel I would have finished it even if I didn’t want to just because I’m stubborn that way.

Thanks to NetGalley.com and Pocket Star for giving me the chance to read this even if it didn’t work for me.  I may still look for full works from the author just to make sure it isn’t just the issue with the format and story choice because even with its flaws I still found myself interested in it.

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