How Beauty Saved the Beast – Jax Garren – 5 stars

February 9, 2013 Carina Press, NetGalley 0


The Blurb:

Jolie Benoit left her old life behind to become an agent of the Underlight. Training under Sergeant Wesley Haukon, she’s honing her combat skills, all the while coping with the intense sexual attraction she feels for Hauk. She keeps their friendship casual, but when his high school sweetheart transfers into their division, Jolie finds herself grappling with jealousy.

The Underlight gave Hauk a purpose, but he can’t escape his past completely. The physical and emotional scars from the fire that killed seven fellow Army Rangers will mark him forever. Jolie sends his protective instincts into overdrive, but he’s convinced he’ll never be worthy of her love.

Hauk is determined to keep Jolie from harm. But when the Order of Ananke ambushes them with a new weapon that neutralizes Hauk, making him vulnerable, it’s Jolie who must tap into her hidden strengths to rescue him—or risk losing him forever…

My thoughts:

I had moments in this one where I was screaming, “Will one of you just freaking admit it!!!  Seriously!!!”  Unlike other stories where this sentiment would make me want to throw the Kindle against the wall (not that I ever would I love my precious) but in this story the whole tension that exists works because of the personalities involved.  I definitely liked this one better than the first but…  This is a story that builds and has you rooting for the pair to get it right and finally be together.

Hauk is still working on coming to terms with his feelings for Jolie and the insecurities he has with even thinking about being with a woman again since his injuries.  He has to come to terms with truly being worthy of love and also coming to terms with the fact that she might actually want him.  We find out that he is the main target of their enemies for more than just revenge but that they want him to be a part of their organization as their weapon.  I love Hauk and his sensitive nature hiding within a berserker shell.  He’s so sweet and caring that you just want to cuddle him and make it all better.

Jolie is coming in to her own in the two months since she joined the Underlight.  She’s stronger and conflicted with her burgeoning feelings for her friend Hauk.  You know the Hauk who gave her the most incredible orgasm through a sheet??  That friend…  the one that has been teaching her how to fight and driving her crazy with his protective strength.  I adored watching her conflicting emotions when it came to Hauk but also loved that she got soooooo jealous when someone from his past shows up.  She’s so willing to jump in and protect Hauk when something happens to him that I cheered.  A great build-up to what one hopes to be an incredible conclusion in the next book.  I cannot wait.

I’m keeping this short because I don’t want to give anything away but these two are fun to watch and the surrounding characters are also a joy. My hope is Jax decides to tell more stories in this world about the other characters…  I want more more more (hint hint)

Thanks to and Carina Press for giving me the chance to read this in exchange for my honest review.  As always for Carina Press titles please click the link in my sidebar to go grab this one.  I adored it and love the series.

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