Night Blade (Colbana Files #2) – J.C. Daniels – 5 Stars

February 7, 2013 NetGalley, Read in 2013 0

Night Blade


The blurb:

Kit Colbana is always biting off more than she can chew. She has a knack for finding trouble. This time, though, trouble finds her. Someone from her past drops a case into her lap that she just can’t refuse…literally.

People on the Council are dying left and right and she’s been requested to investigate the deaths. The number one suspect? Her lover, Damon. If she doesn’t clear his name, he gets a death sentence. Even if she succeeds? They still might try to execute him. Oh, and she’s not allowed to tell him about the case, either.

The stakes are high this time around, higher than they’ve ever been. Kit may be forced to pay the ultimate price to save her lover’s life…a price that could destroy her and everything she loves.


My thoughts:

I’m struggling to do justice to this book with my review.  I really am.  I mean I adored Blade Song but this one was gut-wrenchingly awesome.  I blubbered during parts of this, cheered during others, sighed and muttered all in one book.  I mean that is not easy for an author to pull off but then nothing about Kit is easy (a little birdie told me that).


Kit just proves herself to be much more than anyone, even this reader, expected.  She’s strong enough to make a decision that she knows could put her at odds with someone who means the world to her but the alternative is to probably live without the person that has quickly become so vital to her existence.  Now I say this but you might take it to mean that she loses her sense of self.  Oh dear God no she doesn’t, she still makes rash decisions that have a way of coming back to haunt her but typically she makes it out battle-weary but alive.  She is the ultimate survivor and for that you want her to have pure happiness in the arms of the man that loves her.  And yes I mean…


Damon…  sigh… I love love love this man.  Yes, he can be a bit of an asshole but come on he is one kick-ass shifter that adores Kit.  They may not have had the most traditional start to their relationship and there are going to be major problems but there is something real, strong and so worth fighting for you cheer for them.  Damon has been working hard on cleaning up the mess from the former Alpha so they haven’t had a ton of time together but when you get to see these two you can feel the heat coming off the page.  There is something real there and I loved seeing it play out during this book.


Ok now is where I will get a few groans but I can’t give away too much more without ruining what made me go through the gamut of emotions I did.  This has whetted my appetite for Broken Blade and I am trying desperately to be patient…  I really am… Seriously…  Why aren’t you believing me?





Ok enough already…  Go grab this one but make sure to have a box of tissues, a reading partner you can IM/tweet OMGs with and chocolate or your comfort food of choice on hand.


Special thanks to and INscribe Digital for giving me the chance to read this in exchange for my honest review.


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