Introducing – New Contributor – Trish!!

January 22, 2013 Misc Info 3

Well, I’ve managed to do it…  I talked my fellow book addict in to posting a review on my blog!  I knew I could do it …  I just had to have patience.

I’d like to welcome my friend Trish to the blog.  She’ll appear periodically and write some reviews or commentary as the mood hits her.  We both read a lot of the same books but have different views at times on some plus she reads some I don’t read and vice versa.  I think you’ll like her opinions and voice so please enjoy!

As an FYI – I’m probably the bigger book pusher out of the two of us as I think I have managed to get her addicted to more series than she has me. *Big cheesy grin* You know like getting her addicted to Demonica, the Kowalski’s, the Sullivan’s and a few other series/authors.  Not like she doesn’t need more to read but hey I’m just trying to be helpful!


Anyway, I love that she’s just starting out and I hope she continues to add more information to my site and share her own love of books with us all.

3 Responses to “Introducing – New Contributor – Trish!!”

  1. Trish

    Hi Elizabeth! Thanks for the welcome. I look forward to discussing books with everyone.