Beautiful Scars – Shiloh Walker – 4 Stars

January 19, 2013 Purchased, Read in 2013 0

Beautiful Scars

Shiloh has a knack for bringing characters who have major flaws and issues to light.  Both of our leads have problems but under everything is a love that has been simmering for years hidden behind friendship and distance.

I just have to start by saying – Marc is a complete and utter ass.  Ok that’s out of the way, we can move on and explain why you’ll still fall in love with him and why Challi has always loved this amazingly frustrating man.  He’s an amazing musician who is back in his hometown for a brief respite before doing what he does best and running back away.  He’s convinced that he is somehow only able to hurt those closest to him and keeps avoiding the people who love him and know him best for fear of driving them away.  He’s got to go to a party and his previous arrangement has decided to leave him the morning of the event to go after something that could be a real relationship rather than an itch scratch arrangement.  He visits his sister who runs a respectable escort service to get someone to act as the buffer for him at the event and that is where the story takes flight.

Challi has always known she loves Marc, truly deeply adores this man with all that she is including all his flaws.  She has always buried it except for 3 disastrous times she asked him out.  Unfortunately for her his inability to see what was under his nose caused her to settle for a man who isn’t even worthy of mentioning by name.  This jerk leaves her at a time where she needed him and this has left her extremely scarred and doubting her own self-worth.  She has shadows that haunt her both physically (not telling you why physically as it plays a part in the amazing transformation Marc helps her through) and mentally.  She hears that he needs a date for this party and persuades Shera to let her do this.  When the two of them spend time together again it erupts in to an amazing night that ends with Marc doing his trademark foot in mouth.

I’m not going to give away the rest as I think you need to go out and read this one to see a beautiful story of love and healing for two very flawed individuals.  My only wish was to see more of them in the future but at the same time I loved the way it resolved and wanting more is just testament to how Shiloh can draw you in to loving her characters.



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