How to Misbehave – Ruthie Knox – 5 stars

January 15, 2013 NetGalley, Random House, Read in 2012 0


I have to admit I’m a huge Ruthie Knox fan.  I mean she just has a way to get you to love these damaged heroes and their equally messed up heroines.  In this case we have a heroine who is the epitome of a good girl that wants to be bad and a hero who is a good guy convinced that he’s unworthy of such a good girl.  The insecurities both main characters have made this a quick lovely novella that had a nice amount of heat but a huge amount of heart.

Amber has had fantasies about the contractor, Tony, working on the community center when a tornado warning forces both of them to take cover in the basement of the building.  The dark spooky basement of their building.  While they wait out the storm she helps Tony work through his issues of being in dark enclosed spaces and they discover a mutual attraction burning between them.  After they emerge from the basement they discover her car has been damaged by the storm and he being the good guy he is offers to take her home.  You’ll love his inner dialogue as he tries to do what is right by her even though he wants her so badly it makes him want more than he thought he could ever give.  You’ll be happy to note that she gets to be taught how to misbehave quite thoroughly (huge grin).

Tony has a lot of issues to work through but he doesn’t hide from Amber nor does he try to do like some other romance heroes and blame his issues on the heroine.  He knows what he needs to do but is afraid to take that step and acknowledge that he isn’t his past but has grown up to be an incredibly sweet, nice man.  I loved this novella and cannot recommend it enough to those who love humor, heat plus heart in a quick read.


Special thanks to Ruthie Knox, and the wonderful people at Random House (Sue..  you know you are wonderfully amazing) for giving me the chance to continue my fan girl love for Ruthie’s work in exchange for my honest review.


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