Covert Seduction – Callie Croix – 4 stars

January 13, 2013 Carina Press, NetGalley, Read in 2013 0



This was a quick intense read for a few reasons.  You have an unknown threat trying to get to the heroine and the intensity that is brought about by a hurting heart caused by a lack of communication between the main pair.  I’m happy we start the story knowing they have a history so the fast pace once they reunite makes sense.  The tension between the two is believable and you feel drawn to both of them as you get to see how they truly feel about one another.


Reid is a Navy SEAL who had to leave on a mission that goes to hell.  He’s got a thing going with Becca but because of what happens doesn’t communicate with her during his deployment.  This leaves Becca hurting and not knowing if she means as much to him as she thought she did.  I mean maybe he isn’t as in to her as she was in to him so she decides to try to move on and let it go.  She accepts a date with a co-worker that she really isn’t in to just to try to get out there again.  She’s not 100% happy when she hears from Reid as she heads out the door for this date as she knows her heart is still his even though she thinks he doesn’t want  it.  While coming home from this evening out the car her co-worker is driving is pushed off the road in to a drainage ditch full of freezing water.  You see they have managed to find some secrets that certain people would do anything to keep under wraps.  Thankfully Reid comes along as he can’t just wait until the next day to see Becca so has chosen to drive to her place to wait and try to talk to her.  He ends up saving both of them then taking Becca home.


Becca is stunned to see Reid in the flesh but after her brush with death decides to just take what she can from him and to hell with her heart.  While they work out their issues there is still an unknown assailant tracking them.  After another close call she comes clean to both Reid and the police about what they might have found and heads out of town to stay safe with Reid in tow.  While at the safe house a lot of things come out and of course love comes to pass.  Now mind you this is a short story and the heat factor is definitely up there.  Reid is a man who knows what he wants and has also been told by Becca her fantasies which he aims to live out with her for the rest of their lives.  I’d love to have a Reid of my very own as his devotion to her is just sigh worthy.  When he gives her a token it is definitely a scene that will bring tears to your eyes as that token is more meaningful than anything this SEAL could ever give her even with full access to Tiffany’s or Harry Winston…  It made me melt a bit inside.


This again is a short hot read but it packs quite a bit of intensity and emotion in it.  Go grab it!!  My thanks as usual to and Carina Press for the chance to read this in exchange for my honest review.



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