Release Me – Julie Kenner – 3 stars

December 31, 2012 NetGalley, Read in 2012 0

Release Me

While this wasn’t a fully original plot line I did enjoy the story.  If you like the whole older wealthy male with a dark tortured past… younger female with her own troubles and angst…  then this is for you.

Damien Stark is an incredibly wealthy, sexy man who has many secrets and needs to be in complete control.  He’s a bit closed off to everyone around him but for some reason Nikki gets under his skin and he has to possess her.  He’s definitely interesting and I truly am looking forward to more of this series just to see more of him.  I liked how he went for what he wanted but at the same time felt that he did or bought things for her that fit her and not just the way he wanted her.  He did seem to truly see her for who she was behind the mask she was taught to use.


Nikki…  now unlike other series that have this same sort of tone… this heroine does have some experience being in the real world and isn’t afraid of living but instead uses a mask to hide behind because of serious issues as a child.  I liked her ability to stand up to Damien and felt that this pairing has the potential to be a real partnership unlike some of the others.  She’s got her own issues that she works through but he does help her face her demons and gives her the strength to fight.  I liked her spunk and her sass but I also loved her heart.  She does wear it on her sleeve but I think if push came to shove she would do fine standing on her own two feet without him.  Their scenes together were hot and relatable from the sense of what both characters seemed to need at the time.  The light bondage was appropriate and the bit of spanking was humorous as well as steamy.


I’m ready for more of this series as I think Julie has a way with words and characters that is refreshing in a plot line that has become a bit stale.

Thanks to and Random House for letting me read this in exchange for my honest opinion.


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