Bonds of Trust – Lynda Aicher – 3 stars

December 5, 2012 Carina Press, NetGalley, Read in 2012 1



This is a hard one to review…  not because I didn’t like the hero…  he was swoon worthy..  but his heroine just pissed me off a few times..  actually make that more than a few times.  Did I understand some of it?  Yes.  Was I at some points wanting to reach thru the Kindle to wring her stupid neck…  OH HELL YES!  LOL


Cali is coming out of a long-term marriage where she was unfulfilled sexually and repressed by this lack plus her inability to even talk to her ex.  I mean the woman didn’t have any sex at all for many of the last decade of her marriage.  She decides to address her unrequited need by joining one of the most exclusive BDSM clubs in town.  Once she’s approved she ends up meeting one of the co-owners and starts a hidden relationship with him.  She’s still unable to truly express her feelings or even acknowledge that as an adult she can have a sexual relationship but she’s got a lot of issues.

OK..  now on to the good stuff..  our wonderful hero…Jake…  man oh man I would love to be in his world…  he could do almost anything he ever wished to me and I’d be one happy girl.  Sure he has issues with needing to move on every once in a while but hey things could be worse.  He’s such a caring man but with his past I can understand this need to never stay anywhere very long.  He’s sooooo patient with Cali and while he does everything he can to make her happy and trust she just keeps throwing it all away with her own insecurities.  Towards the end when she pulls he stunt I almost lost it……  I mean the damn man put his heart on his sleeve and you just…  Ok..  stepping away from the chance of a royal rant..


While I had issues with the heroine I still enjoyed the story enough to say it is worth a read but please be patient because Jake is sooooo worth it.


Thanks to Carina Press and for giving me the chance to read this in exchange for my honest review.  As always with Carina titles you can click the link on my sidebar to head to their site to pick this and any of their other titles up.

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