Romancing the Holiday – HelenKay Dimon/Jaci Burton/Christi Barth – 4 stars

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Romancing the Holiday


Can I just say I love the Carina Press Anthologies???  I mean seriously I’ve read the three for Christmas this year and they were all awesome in their own ways.  Angela James deserves a ton of credit for putting them all together and editing the wonderful works by each of the authors…


We’ll Be Home for Christmas by HelenKay Dimon

Lila just needs something good to happen in her life.  She thinks the taking over the family camping resort will be just what she needs but when she sees the condition it is in..  *sigh* things just aren’t looking up.  You can combine this with finding out that the man she spent the most incredible 3 days with lied about who he was and now she has to deal with him being around..  well hell life sucks.  What you get however is two people finding out that what they really need is each other and that letting go isn’t always a bad thing.

Spencer just wanted to get out of town and find a willing body to let some tension in his life go on.  What he got was a weekend with an incredible woman who crawled under his skin even when he didn’t know it.  He’s always wound tight and takes the world on his shoulders but never lets others get close to him.  I felt for him and loved how caring he was even when he was trying to deny how much of a good guy he truly is.  The times with Lila were hot and the tension between them was well done and appreciated.  While they have amazing chemistry they both had issues to work thru and I liked that bit of tension due to those issues.  This was a cute story and I will have to make sure I catch the ones I haven’t read yet in the series.

The Best Thing by Jaci Burton

This was my favorite of the anthology..   I have to go back and read the rest in this series.

Tori didn’t really have a great life at home growing up but once she started to be around the Kent family she finally felt like she found somewhere she belonged.  The only problem with this is her long running crush on Brody Kent.  This unfortunately results in a kiss at the annual Christmas party which blurs the lines between the two of them.  After this kiss she runs away and then becomes a royal Bitch in the offices.  After almost a year of tolerating this Brody is pushed in to fixing the problem with Tori.  She’s not too happy with this but even less happy when Brody doesn’t seem to be taking her hints and instead keeps pushing to be around her and want more.

Brody…  *sigh* what a lovable idiot you turned out to be.  I loved him and his cluelessness but understood it boiled down to fear and not wanting to be led to “slaughter”.  He made me laugh at times with his denials of his true feelings for Tori but I was happy when she called him on his behavior although at the end I sort of wanted more groveling from him.  Their times together were sufficiently hot and heartwarming plus seeing how she brought out the best in him without trying to control him was a wonderful thing.  She just wanted him..  only him.. and watching him get his head out of his ass was nice to see.

Great read and like I said I’m heading back to see the stories for the other brothers.

Ask Her at Christmas by Christi Barth

This was probably my least favorite of the anthology although it was a nice read.  This is a classic BFF to lover story that you just want the two to admit what they wanted is right in front of them.  In this case I was frustrated with the fact the hero is so hung up on what his dad wants that he is almost blinded to the fact he has something precious standing right beside him.

Kyle is about to make a huge mistake.  He knows it in the back of his mind but if it means that his dad will finally approve of him he’s willing to do so.  I mean being married to someone you don’t actually love…  that has a loose definition of fidelity and you barely see isn’t any big deal…  Right?  I mean right?  He decides to get help figuring out the best way to propose by asking his BFF Caitlyn and while she isn’t happy with this she agrees to help him.  He’s clueless about how she really feels about him and has done his best to bury his own feelings for her beneath the whole we are just friends bs that happens.

Caitlyn is shocked when the love of her life goes down on his knee and asks her to marry him…  she wonders is this a dream and if so can she just not ever wake up.  Unfortunately it isn’t a dream but a horrible nightmare…  made worse by the fact that he just doesn’t know what he really means to her.  She’s going along with helping him even though inside she’s dying.  I felt horrible for her and when the girlfriend does her crappy move about Caitlyn’s job prospects I almost wanted to go clock the woman for Caitlyn.  She’s a generous soul to a fault and I felt horrible for her when she made a decision she didn’t want to in order to do what she felt was right for Kyle.

This was a nice story but I think because 99% of it was them working on getting him with someone else it was a bit of a let down.  Don’t get me wrong…  I liked it but I would love to see more of them together as a couple since we didn’t really get much of it here.


Ok…  Go out and grab this set of stories by clicking the Carina Press link in my sidebar.  You won’t be sorry.


As always…  Thanks to and Carina Press for giving me the chance to read this in exchange for my honest review.

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