Undercover Professor – December Gephart – 3.5 Stars

November 25, 2012 Carina Press, NetGalley, Read in 2012 0


Lucy has some rules for dating… These rules make sense when you find out her past but man are they made to be broken when Andy comes around.  She can’t understand why she feels drawn to this socks with sandals wearing, scruffy, lives with mom and jobless man but she is.  Their chemistry is off the charts but when she finds out he has asked out her cousin already she puts the brakes on this attraction.  Well…  sort of…  I mean she is sort of seeing a man that meets every criteria on the list but he doesn’t do it for her at all.  She tries to keep away from Andy but keeps spending more and more time around him even though she knows it won’t work.  She’s a nice person but I got a little tired of her rules and her inability to just trust in him.  I mean I know why she did what she did but at the same time it did get a bit frustrating.


Andy (Drew) is an extremely well known man in his real life.  He is only pretending to be something he isn’t in order to write a story and do research for a new article he is writing on gaming.  He doesn’t expect to find the “one” while he is undercover but when he meets Lucy he’s a goner.  He learns about her rules and why she has them but as much as he wants to tell her the truth he wants the story done correctly.  I felt for him as he tried to tell her the truth but knew he couldn’t do it without driving her away.  I liked him and his need for her but man did he have issues with her cousin.  I’m glad he got to t he truth of the matter with his story as it made quite a few changes to his own life but also proved out that his feelings for her were true and that he needed to grow up in order to make it work.  He’s a big child in a man’s body but at the end of this you sensed that now he was truly a man who would be what she needed.


I liked the pairing and would like to see more of the two of them in another short story.  Maybe show them in a few years and how their lives have evolved.


Thanks to Carina Press and NetGalley.com for the chance to read this in exchange for my honest review.

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