Forbidden Desires – Jodie Griffin – 3.5 stars

November 25, 2012 Carina Press, NetGalley, Read in 2012 0

I am definitely going to have to pick up the first in this series.  It was a nice hot read with a bit of angst built in.


Bella is coming to terms with what she wants and needs in a relationship.  When she has brought her needs up to other men it has been met with disdain and scorn so she isn’t 100% comfortable with those needs.  You see as much as she doesn’t mind to be dominated by her partner she also needs to dominate.  Most men she knows just want to dominate her but can’t submit to her when she needs it.  She meets Marcus and immediately notices that he likes it when she is forceful with him but she’s also extremely aware of the fact that he isn’t comfortable with his own need to submit.


Marcus needs to submit…  he truly desires it as much as he likes to be in control this desire does not go away.  His ex did a number on him though so he thinks these desires are fundamentally wrong and fights this need to the point where you want to just shake some sense in to him.  Bella is very patient with him but when he tries to play Alpha male with her and doesn’t seem to understand why bullying doesn’t work she leaves.  There is a bit of angst as they both find their way to one another and when they both finally communicate their wants and needs it is HOT.  I enjoyed watching them both own their desires and by doing so find the one person that can complete them and accept them as they are.


Nice quick story so go grab it for a bit of heat.  When she takes control it was hot and watching her submit to him was just as powerful.  I liked seeing the give and take both of them had to do in order to make it work.


Thanks to and Carina Press for letting me read this in exchange for my honest review.  As always if you are interested in purchasing the story please click the Carina Press link in my sidebar.

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