How Beauty Met The Beast – Jax Garren – 4 Stars

November 19, 2012 Carina Press, NetGalley, Read in 2012 0


This is a rather interesting start to a new series and an enjoyable one at that.   Set in Austin TX we get to see a melding of the current world with an idea of a future where an underground society attempts to get the real news out there and make sure the general public gets the information others attempt to hide.


Jolie Benoit is a part of a family that controls most of the media.  She doesn’t see eye to eye with her father but is in school as a post-grad student by day and works as a burlesque dancer by night.  She has an amazingly hot encounter with a man that is separated from her by a sheet but she knows his voice and is extremely intrigued by him.  Shortly after this encounter some men attempt to kidnap her and she is rescued by what she terms a monster.  Waking up with his arm around her isn’t what she planned but she keeps her wits about her and finds out things that she didn’t want to know about her father and in some respects even about herself.  I liked Jolie as she rolled with the punches a lot in this but never backed down due to fear or stupidity.  I did also like that we didn’t see her jump into bed with Hauk but that she is having trouble coming to terms with her burgeoning feelings for him and is taking her time to get to know the man before she leaps.  There is definitely chemistry on both sides and to see this slow buildup is fun.


Wesley Haukins (Hauk) was horrifically burned and injured in a fire while he was on active duty in Afghanistan.  He now sports horrible scarring on his face and body along with a prosthetic leg.  He wants very badly to be loved and accepted for who he is under the scars but has lost hope of ever finding a woman who will love him and see past the scars.  He has moments when he goes in to a “beserker” mode and following those moments has no memory of what occurs.  He sees Jolie performing and immediately is drawn to her.  He loved their moment with the sheet between them but has no hope of it ever being repeated or anything building from it when he gets thrown in to becoming her rescuer.  He works with her to get her niece back and as this happens they develop the starts of a great friendship.  He wants more but is convinced he won’t ever get it from her because after all why would Beauty love the Beast.


I’m extremely excited to see how books 2 and 3 work out because I love this pairing.  I think the best thing Jax does is to not rush this relationship…  even though I can’t wait for more to come about..  I think showing both of them working through issues is a wonderful touch as when the walls come down and they take that next step it will be incredibly meaningful and we as readers will cheer.


Thanks to and Carina Press for giving me the chance to read this in exchange for my honest review.  Please head out to the link in my sidebar to purchase this one as I think it will be a great quick read for you like it was for me.

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