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November 13, 2012 Contest, NetGalley, Read in 2012 11

I’m going to be honest…  I was a bit worried when I read the premise of this book.  I mean both main characters known as Charlie??  I will have to say this was a charming read that had me laughing, crying and wanting so badly for them to figure things out and get their HEA.  It will tug at your heartstrings as both need to work thru issues before they can find that elusive HEA.  This book gives you both viewpoints and even though I am not typically a fan of first-person reads this one works.

Charlotte “Charlie” Barrow is struggling to figure out exactly who she is and what she wants in life.  She split with her fiancé after catching him cheating and not long after that split he was killed.  She’s trying to figure out exactly who she is since as a part of that relationship she put herself on the back burner and focused on being what he wanted/needed.  She runs in to a handsome man on the subway which causes her to miss her stop but neither of them got each others contact information so she writes it up as a “oh well, sigh”.  She runs in to him again later at a bar where she is out with a co-worker but the co-worker has already decided she wants him so Charlie backs off and chalks it up to more bad luck.  The two of them run in to one another again as she is on the way to her exes funeral and he is on the way to a funeral as well.  They start to talk and then both support each other as they attend the funerals together.  Odd start to a relationship but it works for these two.

Charlie Adams has his own issues to work thru with his family.  You see he is a freelance writer rather than living up to the family legacy and always feels like the odd man out with his family and honestly his friends.  He is intrigued by Charlie and only goes up to her friend in hopes of getting to meet her so he can get to know her better.  He thinks her disinterest at the bar to be a sign she doesn’t want him so goes out with her friend once…  ummm this doesn’t go well thankfully.  When he runs in to her on the way to the funeral he takes the opportunity to get to know her and his attraction to her takes flight.  She puts in place we are going to be friends only after a night of making out which he agrees to as he knows she is still reeling from the loss of her ex even after what he put her thru.  I loved how he knows what she means to him and is willing to take what she can offer even if it isn’t what he really wants.

We get to see two people truly fall in love with one another even if one is in severe denial.  It broke my heart when she walks away from him but honestly you need to read this to see why this was for the best and what truly happens when two people are meant to be together and meet their soul mates at a time when they were at their lowest.  It is such a charming read and you will be extremely happy with the build-up and emotions that the author will bring out in you.

Go grab this today or enter the contest below then go buy it if you don’t win.  I loved this book and cannot recommend it enough so you can watch their journey unfold.

Thanks to and The Writer’s Coffee Shop Publishing House for the chance to read this in exchange for my honest review.

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Do you believe in true love and soul mates?

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11 Responses to “Naturally, Charlie – S.L.Scott – 5 Stars – Contest!!”

  1. Elizabeth H.

    Now, it seems you only do giveaways when you really love a book. I probably wouldn’t have read this book either based on the synopsis, but you’ve convinced me. I’m a sucker for a good romance!

    The answer to your question is yes, I do believe in true love and soul mates. It hasn’t happened to me, but that doesn’t make it less true. Love, real love is a very rare, very precious thing. When two people have the courage to endure it, that makes it all the more precious.

    Thanks for the review and for the chance to win!

    ehaney578 at AOL dot com

  2. Lynda Kimpel

    I didn’t believe in soul mates until I met the man who later became my husband. After a mistake of a first marriage i was sure there was no one out there for me. So glad I was wrong. Forty four years and counting!
    Can’t wait to read Naturally, Charlie!

    • sac402

      Congratulations on 44 years!! I’m so happy you were able to find the right one and many more happy years to the two of you. 🙂

  3. Natalie Prouty

    I do believe in true love and soul mates. I haven’t been lucky enough to find either at this point in my life. Which I take to mean as..when the eryone is right we Will find each other. We will go through the good and the bad, the happy and the sad, the easy and the hard, and get through each together. Working together to keep us strong. We will be each others “True Love Lobsters”. Always remembering that lobsters only have one true soul mate.

    • sac402

      True. You may have to take longer to find the perfect fit but when it happens it is so worth it… 😉

  4. donna lopez

    I really want to believe in soul mates and true love and all that, i haven´t found it yet but i´m hopeful and waiting. I really hope i´m lucky enough i find it.

    • sac402

      I wish you the best in your search. The search sucks I know but maybe when you least expect it … it’ll happen. 🙂

  5. Violet proud

    I totally believe in true love and soulmates. I am living proof. I found my soulmate 1000 miles away from all I new through a friend. I married this wonderful gorgeous in my eyes man 13 yrs ago . I know I found true live because he puts up with my ups and downs and all my drama life,kids, work, and school. He never gives up on me and never let’s me quit. He is my true love my soulmate my everything. So so I believe in true love and soulmates ? Darn straight I do !!!