Big Shot – Joanna Wayne – 3 stars

November 11, 2012 Harlequin, NetGalley, Read in 2012 0

Durk is heading to the ranch for a nice week off when he gets a call from his mom to check in on his aunt.  When he gets to the hospital he steps out of the way of a gurney with a badly beaten woman on it and his heart stops.  The woman is someone he thought he would never see again and the woman who holds his heart even though they split over two years prior, Meghan.  He steps in and knows he has to help even though they aren’t together any more.  He’s a very sexy man and when the truth starts to come out about him and Meghan you wonder why she ever let him go.  Oh yeah…  she thought her career was more important than her safety and him…  oopsie.  I liked that he just wanted to keep her safe but realized that she would do what she felt was right even at the expense of self.  He didn’t want to control her but wanted her to stop taking so many risks that would eventually catch up to her.  I guess you could say this latest risk did catch up to her but not in the way he feared.

Meghan has been working as a PI and is very good at her job.  Unfortunately she takes a lot of risks but is willing to do so if it means getting put in the line of fire.  She’s beaten almost to death and has lost her memory of almost everything including her family and her time with Durk.  She’s also lost her assistant as he was killed in her office shortly after her beating by the gun she always carries.  She’s hurting and confused but wants to help figure out what exactly happened and is very attracted to Durk.  She wants him but isn’t sure why he would want her since he is amazingly handsome and wealthy.  I enjoyed watching her put together the pieces of her life and realize what truly was important.  My only complaint was I wanted to see more time put in to their relationship than what was given.  I know with the little history we get they had an amazing connection so the whole yes we are meant to be together wasn’t overly hurried but…

Anyway thanks to and Harlequin for the chance to read this in exchange for my honest review.  Please check the sidebar for the link to the Harlequin website if you wish to check this one out.

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