Now You See It – Cáit Donnelly – 4 stars

November 10, 2012 Carina Press, NetGalley, Read in 2012 0


Gemma is just getting used to being on her own again and out from under the thumb of her disgusting ex-husband.  She comes home and quickly realizes someone has broken in and messed with her computer.  She immediately calls her brother who sends out a computer specialist to see what exactly might have been tampered with.  As they work thru this she finds out her ex has been murdered and while she has an alibi she’s a suspect at first.  Cops are also very suspicious of our hero as he seems to be more than what he claims to be when talking to them.  You can’t blame them for suspecting both of them but thankfully as more information comes to light she is discarded as a suspect.  She’s got a lot of self-esteem to rebuild and her talent of making items disappear and then reappear but can’t control it.  She’s shaken by the murder and then as more things put her in danger pissed off wanting to figure out who is behind this and why her?  I liked that even though she wanted our hero they didn’t immediately hop in to bed as both have things to work thru.


Brady was one sexy, sexy man.  He’s a former SEAL who has his own ability but his makes it hard for him to get close to anyone.  He can read people by touch so when he is intimate with anyone he can tell if they really are enjoying what they seem to be or are they faking it.  He’s been dropped a few times when women realize this so tries to keep his abilities under control as they also come in to play if he touches items.  He’s working thru his own issues with the whole trust thing but he’s drawn to Gemma and wants to protect her from the threat.


I liked Gemma didn’t take anything for granted with Brady but I also liked that she stands up for herself against the Alpha male that he is.  She does put herself in some bad situations but she isn’t stupid so you won’t be hollering “Oh come on..  Really??”  The mystery is interesting but the main thing I enjoyed was watching both of them find what they needed and let their hearts open up to one another.


Thanks to Carina Press and for giving me the chance to read this in exchange for my honest review.

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