An Infamous Marriage – Susanna Fraser – 3 stars

November 5, 2012 Carina Press, NetGalley, Read in 2012 0


Jack doesn’t want to be married but a deathbed promise to a childhood friend finds him married shortly before he is to return to Canada for his military service.  He’s a solider after all and not in any hurry to fulfill his familial obligation to carry on the name.  He marries…  leaves her for Canada and forgets about her other than the short letters he writes and reports he receives from her about his properties.  He’s still leading his old life and enjoying it as if he was a single man and not the married man he truly is.  The issue is he doesn’t realize that his exploits have been getting back to his small town and his wife has had nothing but gossip to battle since the day his mother died.  When he comes back to his ancestral home he finds a much different woman waiting for him than he expected and he finds himself now truly wanting his wife in all ways not just as a broodmare.


Elizabeth did not want to marry Jack but is a woman of her word.  She does start to find him to be someone she wants and then the horrible gossip starts to take a toll on her feelings of self-worth and becomes a bit bitter towards him.  I mean she’s been faithful for all these years but to have pity and gossip surrounding her due to his indiscretions starts to tear down what little self-esteem she had.  She’s still feeling guilt for her father’s sins so every little slight works on her confidence.  Is she a shrill, woe-is-me heroine???  Nope…  she’s strong and opinionated but has such a strong heart that you just want her to find happiness.  I loved watching the two of them come to terms and develop a true relationship but when his last secret comes out my heart broke for both of them.  I’m glad things ended the way they did but man oh man did I want to hurt him a few times…


Thanks to Carina Press and for giving me the chance to read this in exchange for my honest review.

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