In Bed with the Opposition – Stephanie Draven – 4 stars

November 1, 2012 NetGalley, Read in 2012 0

Grace is a nice girl…  and that is the problem…  she’s a nice girl panting after a man who knows she’s there for him if he wants her but he really doesn’t have to do anything to keep her.  She works for a Senator and has been basically a step-daughter to him for most of her life.  The man she thinks is perfect for her (she just needs him to finally admit it) is Blain (Senator’s son) and while he hasn’t made the formal move of making their on/off again relationship permanent she just keeps being the faithful puppy she is.  However, back in law school she made one big mistake in an all-consuming love affair with Ethan and unfortunately someone managed to get compromising photos that Blain helped keep hushed up by getting the scum a job on the Hill.  Other than that one moment of insanity Grace has been the model of propriety and control.  She’s seen Ethan on TV many times since then but has never run in to him again since she left law school abruptly.

Ethan has a great life with money, fame, power and almost anything he wants when he wants it.  He runs in to Grace at an event and immediately remembers their “fling” in law school and that she left without any warning or reason.  He’s always wondered about the one that got away as he really wanted her for more than just the fun times they had.  He was falling for the quirky woman she is under all the levels of control.  He’s interested in her again but knows she’s not cut out for anything other than the real thing and he isn’t sure he’s the one for that.  They have quite a bit of chemistry that when it blows up man oh man is it hot but behind this both of them realize it is more than just a fling but how can they make anything work while they are working for opposing candidates.  There is quite a bit of misunderstanding between the two of them and at times you just want them to actually talk to each other rather than saying what is needed for the campaigns but…  eventually love wins out and watching them work through their issues was a fun ride.

Thanks to and Entangled Publishing for the chance to read this in exchange for my honest review.

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