Heart of the Dragon’s Realm – Karalynn Lee – 4 stars

October 29, 2012 Carina Press, NetGalley, Read in 2012 0

This book took me by surprise.  I was drawn in to the world Karalynn created and would love to see not only more of the main pair of this one but just more of this world.

Kimri has been raised as a princess of her kingdom but reality is about to smack her in the face when her beloved brother exchanges her hand in marriage for swords to protect the kingdom.  She isn’t 100% happy with this as she has never met her betrothed.  He’s a bit mysterious and is also unknown to most of the outside world.  As she heads in to the new kingdom she not only has to confront being alone in a strange place but coming to terms with the feelings this mysterious king brings out in her.  She’s not stupid or flighty but unlike a lot of other female characters in a similar setting has a true brain in her head.  She’s caring and comes to love the people as much as she loved her homeland.  I liked watching her make decisions based on reality and not just on comfort.  She makes a major mistake but does so with the best of intentions and I could not fault her for that.

Tathan was something else.  You get to know him as Kimri does and you, like her, wants more time with him.  He’s a good leader and loves his countrymen but tends to keep himself extremely closed off from everyone.  The tradition in his country is to have a year-long betrothal period after which both parties make their final decision.  During this year-long period the two of them truly get to know one another and you sense that while this started as a purely political alliance that both parties want this marriage for love.  The twist at the end was interesting and plays a factor in why I want more…  🙂

I’m going to leave it at this because it was so much more than a romance but truly a story of growing up and finding where you belong.  Thanks to NetGalley.com and Carina Press for the chance to read this in exchange for my honest review.

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