Kissed by a Vampire – Caridad Pineiro – 4 stars

October 28, 2012 Harlequin, NetGalley, Read in 2012 0

Alex almost died doing his job as an undercover agent but a mystery woman saved him …  or at least that is what he sort of remembers except the woman was not completely mortal…  Oh wait that can’t be right so he keeps that part to himself otherwise he wouldn’t be able to go back undercover doing what he loves.  Duty means everything to him even at the expense of a personal life.  I loved his sense of honor and vulnerability with our heroine but underneath it all you know these two are just meant to be together.  He’s sexy…  driven..  alpha… and yet his underlying honor makes him a softie when it comes to those he loves.  He wants to protect and serve but understands that the woman he’s fallen for can’t be controlled or kept in a gilded cage so he doesn’t try.  I loved watching him open his heart to her and also give her the space she needed to be able to accept that love was possible.  My hope is we see them again and they get a forever HEA not just a mortal life HEA.

Stacia is a vampire elder who was turned by a man she thought loved her and cherished her.  Imagine her surprise at the way she was treated by the man she loved and then to add insult to it she’s immortal so who is she going to trust.  She’s locked herself off from love but as you see in this book she craves it and needs it to soothe her soul and enjoy her immortality.  She runs in to Alex and ends up being fascinated by this mortal who sees the woman underneath and not just the outer package.  She’s initially extremely hostile towards having anything other than sex with him but as the book progresses you sense the walls coming down even though pain lies ahead.  I loved watching this strong woman allow a softer side to emerge but keep her strength even when showing that weakness.

Good book and makes me want to go back for the backlist along with keep an eye on more from this world.  Thanks to Harlequin and for allowing me to read this in exchange for my honest review.

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