Stolen – Shiloh Walker – 5 Stars – Giveaway!!!!

October 24, 2012 Contest, Read in 2012 1

As I try to write this in such a way as to not give away spoilers…  This was an awesome read that kept me wondering who was behind it all thru the entire read.  I loved the main pair and their love story was heart wrenchingly beautiful.

Shay has been in hiding for most of her life either from her abusive stepfather or life in general.  She keeps her dragons at bay by writing under a pen name and cutting off 99% of human contact.  She fell in love with Elliot but due to her own issues lost him because of her inability to let him in.  She’s vulnerable but once you get to know why she keeps herself so closed off you just hurt for her.

Elliot…  dear gawd is he one sexy sexy man.  He loves her with all his being but couldn’t take not having all of her.  He wants her so badly but knew it wasn’t healthy to stay if she wasn’t going to let him in and trust him.  I felt for him as some of what happens starts to unfold and cheered for the two of them to not only figure it all out but to finally get their HEA.  I mean come on why wouldn’t you want them to find happiness??  If you can manage to read this and not cheer for them I just don’t know what to think.

Thanks to Edelwiess and Ballantine Books for letting me read this in exchange for my honest review.

As I told Shiloh on Twitter:

I know… I’m gonna have probs writing the review… It’s gonna have to be super short… As in just go buy it dammit… LOL

So go Pre-Order it already!!!  LOL



Since I loved this book so much I am going to give away a Kindle or Nook copy of it on 10/30/2012.  Just leave a comment below before 2 am CT on 10/30/2012 and tell me what would you do if someone was pretending to be you?

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  1. howehowse

    yeah, okay, I’m convinced. I want it. As for someone pretending to be me… don’t you ever wonder if that’s sort of the case when you find there are other people with the same name as you? Anyone pretending to be me would be someone looking to disappear because I have an awfully quiet life. And I like it that way.