Wyoming Fierce – Diana Palmer – 3.5 stars

October 23, 2012 Harlequin, NetGalley, Read in 2012 0

I wanted to give this more stars but the reconciliation at the end just didn’t cut it for me.  This was a good read with some true depth in it but the ending just rushed through items that I thought needed more work.

Bodie is just trying to keep things together.  She’s in school working hard for her degree and also working hard when out of school keeping her and her grandfather’s heads above water.  She’s just barely making ends meet but does what she needs to in order to keep her grandfather cared for.  When he takes a turn for the worse and her bastard stepfather raises the rent it just is too much for her to handle.  She makes some decisions and does what she can but it forces her to ask for help from someone she never thought she would.  His reaction guts her and forces her to make another choice that changes everything.  I liked her spunk and her willingness to be there for everyone including the hero but she’s a bit naive when it comes to the world and while that isn’t a bad thing I think it puts her in a place where things are made more difficult than they need to be.  Overall I liked her but damn I wish she had made him work more at the end because he was a bastard to her multiple times and hurting or not he had no real excuse.

Cane was a hard one to soften towards.  I mean I liked him and loved when he finally realized what an ass he had been.  Did he need to work for the HEA more??  OH HELL YES!! but oh well that wasn’t what we got.  He’s a mess due to having his arm blown off in the war and having others pity him for it or women treating him like less than a man for it but…  he needs help.  He’s stubborn and won’t stick with a therapist even though that is truly what he needed.  The way he works off this frustration is by getting trashed at the local bars and the only person who can reason with him at those times is Bodie.  She soothes his soul and allows him to use her as a sounding board when he is drunk.  She of course has always loved the man but he’s convinced that he doesn’t want or need a committed relationship but just needs to get laid and move on.  Due to a lot of things being thrown around he decides to marry Bodie and then the real asshole comes to light.  He’s attracted to her sure…  but he panics…  and in doing so I lost a lot of my tolerance for him.  I’m still a bit pissed about the rushed ending because even though Bodie came to terms with it and had forgiven him before he made his minor gesture…  I’m not so forgiving.

Anyway…  this was a good read and the characters were in some respects believable.  I would read more of this series and am going to have to go back and read the first one. Thanks to NetGalley.com and Harlequin for letting me read this in exchange for my honest review.

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