When Snow Falls – Brenda Novak – 3.5 stars

October 21, 2012 Harlequin, NetGalley, Read in 2012 1

I have really enjoyed this series but in this case the heroine almost ruined it for me.  I have to say I understood where she was coming from…  I really did..  but he was working so hard to be there for her and she kept hiding him.  It just made me really sad for him but they are still great couple.

Cheyenne has never had an easy life.  Her “mom” is now dying from cancer and while she mourns for the loss she can’t be completely sad.  Her mom is a piece of work and no-one really feels sad that she is dying other than Chey’s sister.  I really felt for Cheyenne as she has always had a dream of a blonde woman and a life that didn’t include being hungry and mistreated but has always been told she’s making it up.  She’s also been in love with Joe for years but never had him notice her.  Unfortunately her friend Eve has never been aware of this crush so asks Joe out to dinner.  Cheyenne is devastated but is supportive of her best friend and decides to let the crush go.  Of course…  Eve and Joe don’t really hit it off and all of a sudden Joe realizes he wants Cheyenne.  Joe starts to pursue her but Cheyenne turns him down until Eve tells her it is ok.  The kicker is…  while this but i can’t is going on she meets Dylan who is one of the town bad boys and ends up giving him her virginity.  Yeah I know…  surprise surprise but she’s got this amazing chemistry with a man who represents everything she wants to clean her hands of.  I was happy to watch her come to terms with things in her life but keeping Dylan hidden just pissed me off.  I understood it but he’s just such a good guy that it wasn’t fair to him at all.

Dylan..  talk about a bad boy with a heart of gold.  He’s been down a rough road all his life but really isn’t as bad as people think he is.  Yeah sure he did stupid stuff when he was younger but that was acting out as a teen and as an adult he’s been a great man.  He has always had a bit of a crush on Cheyenne and is willing to take what she can give him even though it is killing him inside.  He pushes her away but like a drug addict craves her and doesn’t completely shut the door on them.  He’s willing to stand up for what he wants but she has to choose because he will not be someone’s secret while they see someone they think is more outwardly appropriate to her friends.  I fell in love with the sensitive side he hides from everyone because who wouldn’t want a man who takes care of his family, business and stands up for you even when you don’t know what you want from him.  He’s just so over the top sexy and man oh man could he make anyone melt.

I’m happy to hear more about the others from Whiskey Creek and cannot wait for more stories.  I’m happy that NetGalley.com and Harlequin were nice enough to let me read this in exchange for my honest review.


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  1. Elizabeth H.

    Sounds like too much drama for me. Cheyenne sounds like she doesn’t know who she wants. I don’t like it when characters play the game of I want him, and he’s finally interested but I pretend I’m not. I do love a good bad boy though! Thanks for the review!