Blind Destiny – Shiloh Walker – 4 stars

October 17, 2012 Purchased, Read in 2012 1


This one is going to be quick just because I know I’m a huge fan girl of the Grimm’s Circle series.

I have been waiting for Luc to get a HEA since we first met him.  Did I expect his HEA to come in the form of Sina…  Ummmm  no but then Sina has always been a bit of a scary bitch.  Luc has suffered centuries of loss and longing for love but has such a great heart that you truly want him to find someone for his own that can love him yet push him in return.  In this story we have two people who have suffered great losses and yearn for someone to complete them.


Luc is sexy…  blind…  kind… but damn does the man have a naughty side that I adored.  I loved how he finally realized he could have what he wanted with Sina and went for it with all his heart and soul.  I was saddened by the step he almost took but that is what she needed to finally get her head on straight and make the move she had been dying to do for centuries.


Sina..  finding out about her past was heartbreaking and disturbing.  She’s not a nice woman but you can understand what drove her over the edge originally and the fact that fear of being a consolation or substitute for the real thing kept her from letting Luc in.  She pushes his buttons like no one else but then again he keeps her so close to the edge all the time that turn about is fair play…  🙂


Again I said this would be quick but go grab it and read…  the shower scene alone is such a tease and hot hot hot.

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