Three River Ranch – Roxanne Snopek – 4 stars

October 16, 2012 NetGalley, Read in 2012 0

Rory just can’t catch a break..  first she’s pregnant and her lowlife ex has not only insinuated the child isn’t his…  he’s been cheating on her and breaks their engagement.  Second the charming little house she is supposed to be renting is a pile of dust, cobwebs and disaster.  Top this off by a cowboy who doesn’t really want her there and you have the formula for a cute romance.  Rory is a mess but under that mess is a good woman who has an incredible heart and mind.  She’s immediately attracted to Carson but with her history I can’t blame her for being a bit gun-shy.  She decides that she’s going to make the best of things and proceeds to do what she can to help Carson with his dream of a sanctuary and in the process she falls for the man he is behind all the hurt.

Carson is a good man with a heart of gold who has been treated like crap by his now deceased father.  He has a chip on his shoulder from this that makes him not be willing to think that he is worthy of love.  He’s convinced that he never wants to get married and that even if he did it wouldn’t work because of the way his father was.  One minor problem..  the only way he can get the property is to marry since he never wants it to be a cattle operation again.  He doesn’t mention this to Rory because he doesn’t feel it would be fair of him to take advantage of a woman in the situation she is in.  He’s drawn to her though and finds himself wondering what it would be like to be with her and have her baby be his.  He’s got a lot of issues and runs hot/cold towards Rory but you sense that he just needs to have a push to get him to finally admit how he feels.

This was a nice fun story with a bit of tension but overall a pleasant read.  I give this 4 stars and thank Entangled Publishing and for the chance to read this in exchange for my honest opinion.

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