Sultry with a Twist – Macy Beckett – 4 stars

October 16, 2012 NetGalley, Read in 2012 0

This was such a sweet love story.  I loved the small town and would love the chance to visit once again.

June is at a crossroads.  She has just sold her condo and has invested all her money in her dream of owning an upscale bar in Austin.  When she and her partners go to the board for their liquor license she gets a surprise…  She’s got a 9-year-old bench warrant from her old hometown that needs to be resolved before she can get her license.  She makes the long drive to her hometown and is told by the judge that she has to stay in the county for one full month doing community service before he will drop the warrant.  Oh..  and she has to stay with her grandmother…  ya know the one she hasn’t spoken to in years ….  yeah..  sucks to be her.  The good news (well at first bad) is she is going to end up around the man she loved as a teen..  and he’s even easier on the eyes now.  After a few mishaps she realizes that her feelings have never changed for him and if she is going to get what she wants she needs to be patient and work for it.

Luke made one big mistake years ago that ended up costing him his best friend.  Then a disastrous marriage cost him his dream of being in the Army.  He’s convinced he’s not worthy of love after all if he was why did his mom take his sister and leave him when he was a child.  He’s stubborn but very drawn to June.  He’s always been attracted to her but now that she’s all grown up the attraction causes him to go a bit crazy.  He just wants to flip a house so he can get the final bit of money together to purchase his family’s land back.  You just want to hit him a few times with his behavior but…  you have to bleed a little bit for him as you learn more about his abandonment issues and why he pushes her away time and time again.

I was sooooo happy that her grandmother and the judge plotted against the two of them because you just want them to figure things out and be together by the end of this.  Love can conquer all if you have the faith.

I have to thank Sourcebooks Casablanca and for giving me the chance to read this heartwarming story in exchange for my honest review.

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