Saving the Rifleman – Julie Rowe – 4 stars

October 14, 2012 Carina Press, NetGalley, Read in 2012 0

Wow..  What a powerful read in such a small package.  Class wars combined with a real war make for a tense read but even though the love story comes to fruition quickly under the pressures of war it is believable.  I loved the main pair and seeing how two people who should not find love find such a wonderful thing was heartwarming.

Maria is a British nurse working in a Belgian hospital when she finds a wounded British solider hiding in the supply closet that she was going to hide in.  She’s frightened but his eyes draw her in and she instantly trusts him.  She makes sure that he gets the help he needs for his wounds and then finds out that not only does he need to get smuggled out of the country but that she has to go with him for her own safety.  Sure she’s helped get others smuggled out but this will be a first for her.  She’s smart in a time where women were supposed to be wives and mothers but even more she’s smart when a working-class woman or even man shouldn’t be.  She has issues with the whole British class system and this plays a major role in what happens with her solider.  She wants him but due to the definite differences in their birth class she pushes him away.  I loved watching her quick-wit and ability to think outside the box when push comes to shove but that she does let her guard down with him and gives in to her feelings.

John is wounded and afraid when Maria discovers him in the closet but also instantly drawn to this woman who immediately trusts him and puts herself in danger to save him.  He’s from the upper class in Britain which instantly creates a boundary between the two of them.  He doesn’t understand where this comes from as he has never wanted someone so badly in his life.  He looks beyond the surface to the woman underneath and what he sees he wants.  He does so much to get them both out of the situation alive but also pushes her to let him in and see them as a couple for not only this moment but in life outside of war.  I loved his Alpha behavior when times called for it but loved when he bowed to her wishes and followed her lead.  You have to love a man who values the opinions of a woman even more so during a time period when women were property and nothing more.

Grab this one because it is such a heartwarming story during a time when the world was in pure upheaval.  I’m so thankful that and Carina Press for letting me read this in exchange for my honest review.

Saving the Rifleman – Julie Rowe – 4 stars

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