Worth the Risk – Charlene Sands – 4 stars

October 13, 2012 Harlequin, NetGalley, Read in 2012 0


Sammie has had a bad year.  Her boyfriend ran off with all her money which basically ruins her business…  Oh and since he was her boyfriend there went her love life as well.  She ends up having a one-night stand in Vegas with her new business partner but for the life of her can’t remember a single bit of it other than she was the one that initiated it.  I loved the fact this was a heroine having a memory loss rather than the hero and that she truly does feel guilty about it.  They both agree that what happens in Vegas stays in Vegas but…  as we all well know..  such intense chemistry doesn’t usually stay dormant for long.  She moves to Arizona to start her new boot boutique and a new life but things have a way of hitting you upside the head.  She ends up caving in to her cravings for our hero when they get caught in a dust storm but they again go in to denial mode when his ex makes an appearance.  She’s a strong person but seeing her with Jackson made the book.  They have such palpable chemistry and even though they both try to deny it things just make it clear that this is the man for her.


Jackson is a confirmed bachelor after his ex played the games she did with his heart.  He loves women.. but not to keep..  more to play with and let go.  Sammie gets under his skin though and starts to break down the walls he has built around his heart.  He’s supremely afraid of commitment but craves it just the same.  He makes some poor decisions in the name of wanting to not get too close but also tends to draw a line in the sand where she is concerned.  If another guy takes interest boy oh boy does he get his hackles up.  The scene with his ex where he finally discovers what he might be losing was awesome and seeing his way of showing Sammie what she means to him was heartwarming.  Their relationship had to go thru a lot to come in to being but I’d love to see them a few years down the road (hint hint).


Thanks to NetGalley.com and Harlequin for letting me read this in exchange for my honest review.

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