Mark of the Witch – Maggie Shayne – 4 stars

October 4, 2012 Harlequin, NetGalley 2

What would you do if you woke up after a weird dream of being thrown off a cliff to rope burns on your wrists?  I think most of us would freak out and probably go babble in a corner but our heroine in this book comes out scared but swinging…


Indira is a lapsed Wiccan.  She doesn’t completely buy in to all the Goddess worship or want to be blindly devoted to something just based on trust..  she needs proof.  She’s been hurt before and not had the greatest childhood or life but you get the sense from her that she craves affection and family..  the whole sense of belonging.  She’s blindsided by the dreams she is having and even more blindsided by the instant attraction to Tomas.  She’s known him in the past and this is the man who loved her but was willing to sacrifice her in the name of religion.  While she is vulnerable in this book she is also willing to kick ass even at the expense of herself.  She goes though a lot in this book but when she accepts her destiny you see a woman who has finally figured out not only who she is but what her place in the world is. 


Tomas…  sigh..  Tomas..  yummy yummy yummy.  Our first glimpse of him is a man at a crossroads.  He doesn’t believe in his calling to the priesthood any more but at the same time isn’t sure what path he should be on.  He’s also at a crossroads and is very conflicted with his destiny and path in life.  He was an interesting man to get to know and his struggles with the instant attraction and soul-deep yearning for Indy were intriguing to read.  I loved that while he craved her he also was aware enough to wonder is this real or what exactly is it before he acted on it.  That he also was willing to sacrifice everything to keep her safe was heartwarming but I loved how much he let her work through things with just silent support and strength.  Yes he did try to convince her that the insane priest was right but once his heart and mind started to work together he supported her even if it meant turning his back on what he thought he knew. 


I loved them together and hope that you will give this book a chance.  Strong characters…  Past loves reunited and insane priests all make for a fun read and I cannot wait for the next one..


Thanks to and Harlequin Mira for giving me the chance to read this in exchange for my honest review.

2 Responses to “Mark of the Witch – Maggie Shayne – 4 stars”

  1. Elizabeth H.

    I’ve never read this author but the book sounds really good. Have you read anything else of hers?

    • sac402

      I have not but I liked the feel of this one so will probably be digging thru her backlist for more. 🙂