Shades of Temptation – Virna DePaul – 4 Stars

September 26, 2012 NetGalley 0

Shades of Temptation (SIG, #2)

While this is book 2 in a series I did not have any issues reading this as a stand-alone.  I am definitely going back and grabbing book 1 and will get my greedy little hands on more of this series as it comes out.

Carrie is a cop..  She doesn’t let her feminine side out to play other than tooccasionally scratch an itch but that hasn’t happened in 6 years.  She’s deeply lonely but isn’t willing to let down her guard enough to let someone else in no matter how much she just craves affection.  I really felt for her working in a traditionally man’s field (at the level she was at) and feeling like she had to put these extreme walls up to keep people from seeing the human inside.  She’s done relationships but invariably the men she was with tried to prove how much man they were by becoming controlling and in one case raping her.  I loved her strength but when she finally gave in to her cravings for Jase, I then really loved her cracking and showing the woman underneath to a man who would cherish it.

Jase….  sigh…  Jase..  man oh man what a sexy, caring man hiding behind a playboy exterior you happened to be.  He’s craved Carrie like no other woman but due to his own issues never pursued her.  Sure he wants to scratch an itch and maybe get this craving purged but when she finally lets him get close and they give in to the attraction…  he’s a goner.  She’s such a strong woman and pushes him to prove himself but he craves this.  He’s got major issues to work thru on his own but I loved how he pushed her to let go but at the same time let her lead.  He gave up his control to give her the freedom to finally let him in and in doing so gained a wonderful partner.  

I have to say the murders and such were interesting even though the reader knows who the killers are we still are drawn to how the main pair figures it out and works thru the case.  I loved the SIG team and cannot wait for more stories to come out.  I also appreciated that while you get that there is an HEA with the main pair they don’t immediately resolve everything.  

Thanks to and Harlequin for giving me the chance to find this new series in exchange for my honest review. 

Shades of Temptation – Virna DePaul – 4 stars

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