The Accidental Bride – Christina Skye – 4 stars

September 25, 2012 NetGalley, Read in 2012 0

The Accidental Bride

Even though the romance was very quick the main pair are a lot of fun to watch find their way to each other.  It packs some nice sexual tension and make out scenes but nothing graphic.

Jilly is a great chef.  She’s doing what she loves and has some great friends…  so what else does she really need?  She’s alone but that works for her as she has some issues with her childhood to work thru and doesn’t think that a relationship is ever going to be in the cards for her.  She ends up having a wake up call in the form of a cardiac issue that forces her to step out of the restaurant and relax.  Her friends decide to pull one over on her and send her to a knitting retreat in Wyoming.  She isn’t happy at first but once she starts to spend time there she finds more than she ever thought she could have and more than she ever expected in…

Walker…  ok I loved Walker.  He’s so sigh-worthy and definitely a hero.  He was wounded in action along with his military dog Winslow and is a bit of a recluse until he stumbles upon Jilly.  Winslow immediately falls in love with Jilly and starts to help her heal as well.  Walker starts showing up more and more in town to spend time around Jilly which of course gets tongues wagging in this small town.  Everyone wants him to be happy and if Jilly has gotten this recluse out then Jilly he must have.

Throw in a well-meaning grandson of the resort owner…  a “fake” wedding…  family drama… and a secret…  well then you have this quirky little book.  Granted the main pair fall in love amazingly fast but you’ll love how they get there.

Thanks to and Harlequin for letting me read this in exchange for my honest review. 

The Accidental Bride – Christina Skye – 4 stars

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