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In honor of my 100th post I have decided to talk about the wonderful series of books by Shannon Stacey that immerse you in the Kowalski family.  I happened upon this series due to a wonderful Goodreads reviewer who nicely put some quotes in her reviews.  I will have to say this quote from Exclusively Yours is what got me started thinking I needed to read them:

Joe reached into the back pocket of his jeans and pulled out a folded sheet of spiral notebook paper. “Here’s a list of things you’ll need. I jotted it down in the parking lot.”

Keri unfolded the paper and read the list twice, trying to get a sense of what she was in for.

BRING: Bug spray; jeans; T-shirts; several sweatshirts, at least one with a hood; one flannel shirt (mandatory); pajamas (optional); underwear (also optional); bathing suit (preferably skimpy); more bug spray; sneakers; waterproof boots; good socks; sunscreen; two rolls of quarters.

DO NOT BRING: cell phone; Blackberry; laptop; camera, either still or video; alarm clock; voice recorder; any other kind of electronic anything.

She had no clue what it meant, other than Joe wanting her half-naked and unable to text for help.

And this quote from Undeniably Yours made me run out and get the ones that were out there at the time:

It was a little overwhelming, even though they were a very likable bunch of people. Like agreeing to learn the doggy paddle and being shoved off the high-dive board. And to keep things interesting, somebody told Bobby, Kevin’s youngest nephew, the baby could hear stuff and he was determined to make his new cousin his BFF in utero. It was a bit disconcerting having a kid randomly tell bad jokes to her stomach. Like now.

“Why did the weasel cross the road?” he yelled at her belly button. “To prove it wasn’t a chicken!”

Then he laughed so hard he almost fell over. He was a cute kid, she thought, and then it hit her—a little over seven years from now, she might have one just like him. Some faceless, nameless boy with too much energy and the knees almost worn out of his jeans, telling jokes to crack himself up. Maybe, if they were lucky, he’d look like his daddy, dimples and all.

I fell in love with the family and the series after reading the first one and haven’t turned back.  I love the quirks and emotions that Shannon brings out of the characters and hope you fall in love as well.

The series consists of 4 books that are out right now and 2 more due this year that I am counting the days on.

Series in order and all were rated 4 stars:

Exclusively Yours – Joe and Keri’s story – What happens when you have to go back to your old hometown and try to get a story out of the man who’s heart you broke?  You’ll love this one for the great intro to the family but also how much the main pair truly are to one another.  I loved this second chances story.

Undeniably Yours – Kevin and Beth’s story – What happens when a one-night stand results in a pregnancy noone expected due to a condom failure?  You’ll love how much Kevin steps up to the plate and how much both of them go thru to get to the ending that is incredibly *sigh* worthy of.  He’s such a great man and she’s one heck of a lucky woman.

Yours to Keep – Sean and Emma’s story –  What happens when telling someone you are engaged to a man who doesn’t know he’s yours comes back to haunt you?  In the case of Emma she gets incredibly lucky to land Sean.  Of course this is the book where our beloved “magic penis” makes an appearance and if you read the series for nothing else that one quote will be worth it.  I loved watching a crush become more than either of them ever expected.

All He Ever Needed – Mitch and Paige’s story – What happens when you meet the one you were meant to be with when you aren’t ready to?  I loved watching this story play out as a man who loves life as a nomad meets a woman who finally has decided to plant roots somewhere.  These two were fun to watch as neither was looking for love but were willing to scratch each others itch for a short no-strings affair.  They are both wonderful people and this sets up the next story in the series…  which I cannot wait for!!!  

Coming Soon:

All He Ever Desired – Ryan and Lauren’s story – I’m looking forward to learning more about their history and watching another Kowalski find true love.

All He Ever Dreamed – Josh and Katie’s story – After seeing Josh and Katie in All He Ever Needed, I am really looking forward to this one.  There is some serious denial on his part and serious attraction on her part that when it comes out will be incredibly powerful to read.

Now on to the fun stuff…  I’m giving one lucky person their choice of either a $15 Amazon Gift Card or the Kindle editions of the first 4 books in this wonderful series.  Please use the Rafflecopter form below to enter and good luck!!

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  1. Elizabeth H.

    Happy 100th Post!! This series sounds really good, and I love Joe's list! Thanks for bringing this author to my attention and for the awesome posts you make! May you have many, many, MANY more!ehaney578 at AOL dot com

  2. Elizabeth H.

    Humor is very important. I love a good laugh! It helps move the story along or it balances out an emotionally charged book. Laughter heals many ills. Thanks for the chance to win!