Desire By Blood – Melissa Schroeder – 4 Stars

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Desire by Blood (By Blood, #1)
Ahh,,,  Sexy vampires and strong women…  such a wonderful combination.
Cordelia is a bluestocking that is making a living by being a reporter.  She’s the bastard daughter who always felt like an outsider and fears becoming like her mother.  She’s strong and unwilling to conform to society’s expectations of what a woman should be.  I liked her practicality and willingness to stand up for what she believed in but felt sorry for her own self-doubt and denial of her sensual nature.  She has no idea what she is going to get when she meets Nico.  She doesn’t know her total worth both from a mental perspective or as a woman in general for a man like Nico.
Nico…  sigh…  Nico…  such a wonderful Alpha male that still understands that a strong woman is something to treasure and not fear.  Of course he has his wonderful mother to thank for that mentality as she is a prime example of what good a strong woman can do for the family.  He’s not looking for his match but boy oh boy do the sparks fly when he and Cordelia meet.  This vampire that has all sorts of self-control can’t seem to muster it when near his beloved.  They end up in a situation that compromises Cordelia and to keep her safe/make it right he marries her.  This is not expected to be a love match and Cordelia initially fights it but relents as it is the only choice she can really make.  Once the two are married…  *fans self*…  all bets are off as they realize that not only do they have chemistry but there is a real love and respect there that should be cherished and nurtured.  
The story uses the concepts of Born and Made vampires in a new way but boils down to discrimination and the older more established ignoring the issues at the expense of innocents.  I liked the tension but am really looking forward to Malik’s story and seeing how he and Cordelia’s sister make things work between them while the fight against the old guard continues.  Oh and of course you know there is going to be some really sexy times cause man oh man does their chemistry shine in this book.
Thanks to Melissa for giving me a copy as I really enjoyed the start to this world..  You can send em to me any time you wish…  😉
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