Beyond Shame – Kit Rocha – 5 Stars – Contest

September 18, 2012 NetGalley, Uncategorized 3

I must bow down to the Mistresses…  😉

Ok the people on Twitter (you know who you are) that said this book was deliciously dirty didn’t even come close to how truly naughty this book is.  I mean decadence can’t cover it..  you feel like a bit of a voyeur but man oh man can it give you some ideas.

I felt for poor Noelle when she ends up kicked out of Eden to make her way in the Sectors.  She is quickly seen as prey and ends up getting juiced by someone that wanted to take advantage.  Luckily for her she lands in the arms of a very sexy, dangerous man.  She’s innocent, naive and believes that the thoughts and feelings she’s been having are shameful.  You may think this makes her weak but as you get to know her and watch her grow …  she’s strong and such a lovely character.  Sure she likes to submit…  sure she likes to play with both men and women but…  she’s no weak plaything…

Jasper.. *fans self*…  man oh man can he get your motor running.  He’s growly…  possessive…  sweet…  lost….  and man oh man can he come up with some interesting things to say and try out.  I loved watching him in both his dealings with Noelle and the rest of the world we were immersed in.  I loved his ability to both want to keep her but knows that what he needs to do is let her come out of her shell by not completely stifling her.  He does some typical male bs but hey I can forgive a lot.

Now…  my comments would not be complete without mentioning the next pair that we will hopefully see…  and man oh man this will be an amazing book when the Mistresses give it to us..

Dallas and Lex…  dude these two are scorching in this book but man oh man…  Their book should be absolutely positively scorching..  They burn up the pages in this one and dear GAWD will they be hot …

I’m looking incredibly forward to more from this dystopian world and have to say they can send them to me any time they wish…  I mean I’ll buy them anyway but….

Thanks to and Kit Rocha for letting me get my greedy hands on it in exchange for my honest review.

Please leave a comment below to win an eBook copy (Kindle, Nook, or iBooks) of this deliciously dirty read.  Contest ends on 9/28/12 at 11:59 pm CT.  If you are having issues with comments please either tweet me to enter or send me an email.

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  1. Elizabeth H.

    Oooh, you know I'm always up for a sexy read! I can't wait to get into this book! Thanks for the giveaway!ehaney578 at AOL dot com