In a Fix – Linda Grimes – 4 stars

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I enjoyed this start to a series and am looking forward to watching this one play out.  We have action…  sexual tension …  and a triangle all in one book.  ğŸ˜‰

The three main characters are all adaptors, human chameleons, and all use their talents for either spying or ,in the case of our heroine, facilitating situations to get tehpreferred outcome.

Ciel is our heroine and has landed herself smack dab in the middle of a mess.  She’s just supposed to get the proposal her client has been waiting on and then be out of there.  Unfortunately the place they have been staying is blown up and it is discovered that the man she was supposed to secure the proposal from has been abducted.  This leads to a fun bit of action as she tries to help when her two men don‘t want her.  She’s not exactly great at listening when people tell her to stay put and has a knack for dropping in to the middle of trouble.  She’s been nursing a huge crush on Mark and avoiding the annoyance also known as her “cousin” Billy.  I loved her quirks as I know she means well she just doesn’t always think before she acts.

Mark is her crush and a CIA spook.  He’s a sexy man but has always treated Ciel like a little sister.  He protects her and watches out for her but that is all it has been until now when it seems he might actually see her as a woman..  better yet..  he might actually be interested.  I liked him but to be honest I felt more drawn to suitor number two…  I mean he’s a good guy and sexy but ya know there is something about ….

Billy…  he’s sexy as well but has a wicked sense of humor and don‘t get squicked out by the whole “cousin” thing as they are actually not related by blood.  I loved watching him protect her but at the same time give her room to be herself.  He’s a bit of a wild-card and you’ll love him for that.  I got the sense that he has been biding his time before making a move and letting his intentions be known. 

Go grab this one because I know I am waiting for book 2 to come out so I can see if it goes anywhere with Billy or Mark…  Or heck I just would like to see more of the craziness that surrounds Ciel.  

Special thanks to and Tor Books for the chance to read this in exchange for my honest review. 

In a Fix – Linda Grimes – 4 stars

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