Savage Redemption – Alexis Morgan – 4 stars

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I did not realize this was a series until after I had already read it.  I will tell you I don’t think I missed a lot but I will be going back to read the rest in this series.

Conlan is a human/vampire halfbreed and head of security for a vampire.  He’s a very tough man to get close to and in this story you understand why he has huge walls around him.  I liked seeing how strong he was but how soft he can be when he lets his guard down.  I loved seeing him come to terms with his feelings for Kat and as much as he doesn’t want to forgive her he really has no choice.  He’s sexy as hell and when he wants something he will move heaven and hell to get it.  She’s a lucky lucky woman.

Kat… I’m telling you this is an incredibly strong woman.  To have withstood all the loss and pain she has and still have the ability to love is a testament to her strength.  She’s on the run from someone who has already killed her family other than her nieces but isn’t willing to give up until she has them somewhere safe.  This leads her to a strong vampire and back in to the arms of the man she loved but left for his own safety.  She’s fighting her attraction to him but when the walls come down it made for some steamy times.  I loved watching them at the end and admired her for what she was willing to do even though she had nothing to be sorry for.  She is truly innocent in this mess but was willing to take the fall if it meant her nieces were safe.

Go grab this cause I know I am going to grab the back-list.

Special thanks to and Harlequin for letting me read this in exchangefor my honest review. 

Savage Redemption – Alexis Morgan – 4 stars

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