As You Wish – Elyssa Patrick – 4 Stars

September 14, 2012 Uncategorized 0

Although at times I wanted to kill both main characters, I really enjoyed this due to the dialogue.
Aubry is a ROCK STAR…  he has hit bottom due to a personal tragedy plus his own self-destructive behavior.  He’s a bad boy who never has claimed to be anything else but…  he really isn’t a bad guy.  Truly he isn’t but dammit some of the stuff he says and does to the heroine made me want to kill him then kill her for not having a backbone to tell him to take his attitude, sexy self and everything else and shove it where the sun don’t shine.  He needed to grovel grovel grovel more than she made him but despite all this I still had a soft spot for him.  He really does have a soft heart but damn does the boy hide it behind a hell of a lot of asshole.  
Portia is a doormat nice girl who is running her family’s floral business.  Unfortunately things aren’t going too well but she just can’t admit this to the rest of the family.  She has a car meltdown that results in her meeting Aubry.  They are intensely attracted to one another from the moment they meet which results in a majorly hot kiss.  She puts up with his asshat ways more than I probably could of but he does come around and I think there is a true HEA for the two of them.
My wish was that this was a bit longer so you could maybe see better groveling from Aubry as some of what he says and does were a little too hurtful for the quick everything is ok.
This is a very quick read with some nice hot moments and I am grateful to Elyssa for giving me a copy of this for review.
I wish her lots of luck in the future.

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