Intuition – Carol Ericson – 3 stars

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This was a nice quick read with a bit of mystery and main characters who were quickly interested in one another but not 100% sure of each other.

Kylie has had a lot of pain to deal with in her life due to her own psychic abilities and her mother committing suicide.  She’s since learned to use her abilities to assist police in solving cases which gives her the sense of at least helping others.  She’s brought back to town to get to the bottom of a missing woman who disappeared not long before her own mother committed suicide.  She’s determined to not only find out what happened to the young woman but also get to teh bottom of what might have happened to her mom.

Matt is hired by the father of the missing woman and didn’t know that Kylie was also working the case and hired by the mother.  He saves her from falling off the same landing that her mom committed suicide from.  He remembers her from school but they never really spent any time together then.  You see he was a bit of a bad boy back then or at least assumed to be one and she never truly made his radar.

We get to see the two of them work together to get the cases solved and also get to see the two of them realize how much they mean to each other.  There is a bit of tension between the two as neither completely reveals everything to the other until forced to.  I liked the mystery and enjoyed watching the two of them get to know each other plus have some nice moments of heat.  They really do make a good pair and I was happy to read this.

Special thanks to and Harlequin for giving me the chance to read this in exchange for my honest review. 

Intuition – Carol Ericson – 3 stars

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