The Cowboy Solider’s Sons – Tina Leonard – 2 stars

September 4, 2012 Uncategorized 0

I wanted to like this one but… just couldn’t really love it. 

When we first meet Tempest (Zora) we find a woman drawn to a man who isn’t afraid to get down and busy with someone she has only physically known for maybe 30 minutes.  I mean it was fast fast fast….  She’s an actress who is back in her hometown to see a young fan who happens to be related by marriage to our hero.  She’s got baggage but is a nice person.

Shaman has issues of his own but when this gorgeous woman wants to bed him he doesn’t complain.  He’s got physical and mental scars from his time in the military but his inability to see why she might be attracted to him got a bit bold.

Anyway…  she becomes pregnant and they get married in order to provide the kids his name (yeah that’s needed) but then he finds himself wanting it to be real and she finds herself wanting it to be real but they just don’t talk to each other.  We have a bit of drama with her “family” but otherwise this is just a story of two people who hop in to bed together then end up realizing they want it to be more than just sex.

I wouldn’t say run out and get this but it wasn’t a horrible read.  I found I liked Shaman a lot even though he tends to react first then think it thru later.

Thanks to and Harlequin for allowing me to read this in exchange for my honest opinion. 

The Cowboy Solider’s Sons – Tina Leonard – 2 stars

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