The Reluctant Amazon – Sandy James – 3.5 Stars

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I enjoyed this book enough to know I can’t wait until she gives us more…  🙂

Rebecca is having the day from hell on what should have been the happiest of her life.  I mean she’s dumped at the altar…  lives thru an earthquake…  and is now being told she’s an Amazon???  How much more messed up can this day get?  Well we find out because she gets attacked by revenants (zombies) and taken away to Avalon.  In the midst of all this she meets Sparks and her “sister” Amazon.  She is one of the chosen Amazons who happens to wield the powers of Earth.  She isn’t a fighter when this begins but is more the mothering type but once she figures out who she really is and accepts her powers she becomes the warrior she was always meant to be even if she didn’t know it.  She’s conflicted most of this book by her feelings and doesn’t really want all the power she can wield.  I have to say this is what I liked about her.  She can be annoying due to her self-doubts but she isn’t willing to take the easy way out when she is offered it.  She loves and loves deeply plus has a deep need to protect and nurture.

Altair..  sigh..  sexy to the extreme this Alpha male will have your heart as quickly as he has hers.  He’s longing for a wife and family but his duty is important to him so stays on while his replacement is trained.  He finds Rebecca enthralling but realizes very quickly that he needs to push her to keep her safe and not get others killed.  He is willing to take a stand even if it gets him in trouble with the Goddesses. I loved how as hard as he tries to keep away from her that when he tears the walls down to have her he stays true to his character and loves her with all his being.  He knows that as an Amazon she can’t have kids but he discovers he wants her more than he wants what he thought his dream was.  

There is a lot of action in this and people get killed that you care about but the story is compelling and the hits keep coming.  I loved watching two people find each other plus loved seeing how the ending played out.  I am looking forward to more set in this world…

Thanks to and Carina Press for giving me the chance to read this in exchange for my honest review. 

The Reluctant Amazon – Sandy James – 3.5 Stars

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