Long Shots (1-3) – Christine D’Abo – 4 Stars

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Please note that all of the stories have been released previously but I had not read them in their original form.

This book gives you stories surrounding 3 siblings finding the loves of their lives.  I say this because all of them find happiness even if they didn’t really know they were searching for it.

Double Shot –
Sadie is all work and very little play.  She has a great friend, Paul, and a new business with her siblings.  Sure, she’s always lusted after Paul but hey he doesn’t feel the same way and why risk this all important friendship for something that might not work.
Paul has wanted Sadie from almost day one but thinks she has never looked at him as anything more than a friend but he intends to make his feelings known to her and boy oh boy does he do so…
Josh…  Paul’s friend and the owner of Maverick’s, a private sex club.  Dear gawd is he sexy and he is invested in Paul as both a friend but has some feelings for him sexually.
All I can say is Sadie is a lucky, lucky woman cause man oh man do the men show her a hot time but more than that Josh forces Paul and Sadie to own up to how deeply they really feel about one another.  I liked that he pushed the issue and that she felt comfortable enough for Josh to also show Paul how he felt about him.  Sadie and Paul are great together and I would love to see Josh get his own HEA.

A Shot in the Dark –

Paige is a submissive who didn’t understand the difference between a healthy D/s relationship and the hell she was in.  She has been suppressing her needs since leaving her ex but recently has been craving the release she experienced at the hands of a Dom.  She meets Carter at her shop and while they have instant chemistry she is wary of being near another Dom.

Carter is a firefighter and Dom who is intrigued by Paige but senses there is more to the story than what little she gives to him.  He wants her for more than just a temporary fling but isn’t sure he can bring her back to herself.  He pushes the boundaries with her but in a great way.  If I were a sub I would want a Dom like this that truly cares for my well-being but knows where the true boundaries are and will push the limits.  

This story was hot in more ways than one and I loved to see both find more than they ever expected in each other.

Pulled Long –

This story has been building since the beginning where Ian (the lone brother) meets a man they call Blue Eyes.  You get to see the flirting and the intense connection the two men have before you even get to know his name.  You also get to see the betrayal Ian feels when he finds out that Blue Eyes is in the process of finalizing a divorce.

Jeff and Ian have a very intense attraction but due to issues in Ian’s past he is afraid to play the game with another straight man wanting to play gay for a thrill.  I loved watching Ian break down under Jeff’s care and hearing what Ian has kept to himself and from his family for all these years was heartbreaking…  He’s a great guy who deserves happiness even if he doesn’t believe he is worth it.  I enjoyed seeing him finally reach out and grab the happiness he deserved even though it was hard sometimes things are worth fighting for.

All 3 stories are quick reads and all have some definite heat but I liked the interactions between the family and how each of the men brought key pieces in to the family..  🙂

Special thanks to Carina Press and NetGalley.com for the chance to read this in exchange for my honest review.

Long Shots (1-3) – Christine D’Abo – 4 Stars

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