Rodeo Rebel – Debra Kayn – 3 stars

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Rodeo Rebel is a cute quick read but there were times when I just wanted to hurt both main characters.

Florentine is a strong woman who only wants to help other females get whatever they want out of life.  She decided that she wanted to make it to the PBR and is pushing herself to be the perfect bull-rider…  lone female in a world of men.  She does this by really suppressing her inner feelings and not letting anyone close.  She doesn’t want to appear to be needy or let anyone see the real her.  She loves her family and ultimately wants to have it all but has convinced herself the only way to make it happen is make the big show.  I have to say even with the dangerous job she really is an incredibly cautious woman and does know how to control the risks even if it doesn’t seem like it to outsiders.  She does this for the greater good and not the adrenaline rush. 

Cole frustrated me at times as much as Florentine did.  He is paranoid and controlling but I mean I get it …  I really do but….  it just got smothering.  I felt sorry for his daughter because of this characteristic she was coddled and kept in a cocoon.  I loved that he loved her but his projection of her mom’s stupidity and recklessness on everyone around her just got tiresome.  He does have moments though of not only realizing what he is doing but then the blinders go on again and you just want to slap him…
 He does redeem himself and is incredibly sexy when he gets going but I felt like the back and forth sort of detracted from the story at a point.

This being said it is a nice quick read and both main characters realize that not everything is what they think it should be and happiness comes with comprimises.  Not enough to break them but enough to acknowledge that the other’s happiness is more important than the self-imposed rules they have.

Special thanks to Entangled Publishing and for the chance to read this in exchange for my honest review. 

Rodeo Rebel – Debra Kayn – 3 stars

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