How to Date a Henchman – Mari Fee – 3.5 Stars

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This was a cute quick read with a little bit of heat but mainly some fun repartee between the characters.

 Our heroine, Gina, is stuck in a dead-end job with no real idea of what the future will hold for her.  She’s not happy being a little cog in the machine but hey..  a job is a job….  I felt bad for her at the start of this cause I know how that feels. She’s smart but tied down in a lot of respects with her family and what they expect from her.  She isn’t quite sure what the company does she just knows it has to be something big since there is a lot of secrecy and security.  She’s sarcastic and witty plus very attracted to our hero from the moment they meet.

Burke..  our hero…  is instantly attracted to Gina and his boss is not 100% happy about it.  You see Burke is a henchman to a “bad”guy.  He is a sexy man and also very sarcastic with his boss and our heroine.  He’s on the “wrong” side according to the press and the superheroes but once you get to see more of the superhero and villain you wonder who really is the “bad” guy.

Our villain is not really a bad guy he just doesn’t always think things thru before he acts much to Burke’s chagrin.  I loved laughing at his mistakes but also enjoyed what he actually was trying to do.  
Burke and Gina have chemistry and work well together.  I was very happy to see the pair work thru the battle with the superhero and loved that Gina actually saves the day.

Thanks to Carina Press and for a chance to read this cute story in exchange for my honest review. 

How to Date a Henchman – Mari Fee – 3.5 Stars

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