Charming Blue – Kristine Grayson – 3 stars

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This was an interesting take on Bluebeard.

Jodi has been in our world for a very long time doing what her magic does best…  fixing things.  She works in Hollywood as a talent agent but in reality does so much more for the magical community.  She is asked by Tank (I loved Tank) a fairy to help her friend Blue out of a bad situation.  You see there is a stalker that is claiming to be Bluebeard while frightening women in the middle of the night by appearing in their rooms.  Jodi is understandably skeptical because you know..  Bluebeard did kill 15+ women and keeping their heads….  I mean just cause she didn’t witness any of the killings the fact that he is always drunk, disgusting and soaked in Aqua Velva should be enough to say No. Tank has a way though so Jodi heads to meet Blue to see if there is any truth in Tank’s beliefs.

 Blue…  I loved the heartbreak that is Blue.  He’s in rehab when we meet him and discover he really isn’t the monster people make him out to be nor is he the killer even he beleives himself to be.  He’s such a sweetheart in this and you just want to hug him until this all goes away.  I loved watching him open up as he is forced to actually see everything that happened and look at items without the burden of guilt.  He is hundreds of years old and never had sex.  Poor dear…  he cleans up nicely though and is willing to trust Jodi while at the same time not wanting her to be hurt.  He’s an all around nice guy and I was happy to see him come in to his own by the end of the book although I wish it had been much much longer just so I could have more of him.

All in all this was a sweet story with no sex but a lot of tension.  Give this a quick shot as I don’t think you’ll be sorry.

Thanks to Sourcebooks Casablanca and for the chance to read this in exchange for my honest review. 

Charming Blue – Kristine Grayson – 3 stars

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