In Rides Trouble – Julie Ann Walker – 4 Stars

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In Rides Trouble (Black Knights, Inc., #2)

Well…  I have to say this book didn’t disappoint but I wouldn’t have minded more sexy scenes with Becky and Frank.  

Ok.  if you read Hell on Wheels you knew what was coming to a head for this book.  Becky and Frank were both trying desperately not to show how much they wanted each other in the last book and it comes to a head when Frank goes Alpha male on her causing her to decide she needs to get away from his “dillhole” self.

While you don’t really need to read Hell on Wheels I would recommend doing so before you read this one just to get a better idea of how the both of them feel.  Plus…  Nate is just hot..  actually HOT…  SMOKING BROODING ALPHA MALE HOT..  hmmm did I make myself clear???  I think so…
Ok back to the book at hand….
Becky owned a custom motorcycle shop that ends up being used as a cover for a black-ops organization.  While she isn’t  an operative she is a mechanical genius that ends up getting closer to the men who work for the Black Knights.  She has been in major lust/love with the head honcho Frank Knight but they have never acted on it as he always seems to either run away from her or treat her like a little sister.  At the end of the last book she lets him know she wants to be an operative which sends him off the deep end with Alpha male protect my female attitude.  She is incredibly hurt and decides she needs to get over him so goes off on a month long vacation with a friend.  She and Eve end up in the hands of pirates (Somali) which leads to Frank, Billy (her brother) and a new guy, Angel, having to ride to the rescue.  In the process of saving the two women Frank ends up getting hurt which leads to an incredible crumbling of his barriers to her but only for a moment.  I will have to say that moment was as funny as it was heartbreaking but hot hot hot. Of course there are more misunderstandings but we all know how this has to end cause Julie Ann Walker would have had a riot …  LMAO

Frank…  sigh…  bless your stubborn heart.  He’s a great guy.  I mean really great guy…  He wants her with all his being but due to being 13 years older than her and items in his past is trying to do the whole virtuous thing and push her away.  He loves her, lusts after her, wants to protect her and wants to strangle her but the man just keeps suppressing this.  Everyone is convinced he has someone he is involved with but that part of the story when it comes to light is understandable.  It isn’t what people think but I understood why he kept it so tightly hidden.  Once his big secret and the reason why he has kept himself from love comes to light you will want to go “Really??  That’s why you pushed her away time and time again??  Really??  Come on man…”

Anyway…  I would gladly want Frank for my own but he and Becky are a great match for one another and I personally am ready for the next one plus…  I am reallylooking forward to Billy and Eve…  (Julie – Hint hint..  sooner rather than later) Oh and Angel..  sweet, sexy, dangerous Angel.  I loved you tried to help the two of them but am glad you finally helped Frank see what he was losing if he didn’t get his head out of his ass.

A great quick read and worth the time to read both in the series with more fun Alpha males to come.  Thanks to and Sourcebooks Casablanca for the chance to read this early in exchange for my honest review. 

In Rides Trouble – Julie Ann Walker – 4 Stars

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