Where There’s a Will – Karen Kelley – 3 stars

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Where There's A Will

Cute premise but at times you will want to hurt the heroine.

Haley is the perpetual wall-flower who has been basically bullied her entire life.  She’s not too tall and is very curvy but not fat.  Unfortunately she believes herself to be frumpy, ugly, fat, oh heck she just believes anything negative she can about herself. She is sooooo meek and suppressed that even the few times she has had sex it was in the dark with little to no playing.  She gets embarrassed by anything and everything even saying curse words or hmmm  cock.  LOL  This will get on your nerves as the story progresses but this is a good story even with that annoyance.She has a great friend who supports her but in her own way has held Haley back from becoming who she is meant to be.  She gets stood up, again, and in a moment of desperation prays for something she never though she could get…  a dating miracle.

Ryder…  sigh…  I want a Guardian Angel like him.. although I should say nephilim.  He answers her prayer and starts working on building her confidence and giving her the most amazing makeover in both looks but also personality.  He shouldn’t get involved with her but he just can’t seem to resist her pleas and her looks.  He gets in a lot of trouble as he becomes more and more involved with her until the showdown near the end of the book.  He’s sexy..  naughty..  sweet…  Alpha…  and oh dear god if I could have him I’d jump at the chance.  I mean come on wouldn’t you love your own naughty sex god…  LOL

Anyway…  read this for the chance to see some hot times but it is also nice to see a good girl with naughty thoughts get the man of her dreams.  I wish we could see more of this pair and maybe in a future book we will.

Thanks to NetGalley.com and Sourcebooks Casablanca for giving me the chance to read this in exchange for my honest review. 

Where There’s a Will – Karen Kelley – 3 stars

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